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thanks, it helps a lot ! I appreciate it!


I can't speak to your specific device, particularly as you haven't named it, but assuming it supports the functionality, you would use an adapter such as this one which provides both a micro-USB input to continue charging the phone/tablet, and a USB-A port for the OTG functions. You'll find a variety of alternatives linked to via Amazon as well, with ...


It is depending on your device. Some Samsung Tablets can be charged while using OTG with special adapters. The cable you post in your question don't work. Some devices have a special mode for USB Host and changing at the same time. Most devices can only charge OR host.


I would leave a comment but I dont have enough reputation. I found this question and the first answer maybe shows a possible solution posted on xda. For this you need root. Download & install a Terminal Emulator on your Android Tablet. Run the Emulator & enter the following commands: dhcpcd usb1 setprop net.dns1 The ...


No. Android doesn't support drivers for these types of devices. Its support for external devices is pretty limited to simple input devices, such as keyboards and mice, and storage devices, along with occasional special peripherals that your individual app would be designed to use. A PC sound card is way outside of its functionality.


I have tried ways to get it to work but consistently when I use stickMount, it works .

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