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You can do one of these things : 1) By an usb to ethernet cable. I dont know about Sony Xperia Active but you can use the Nexus 7 or Samsung S4 and a usb to ethernet cable (like rj45) plus an otg cable. For method view the following video. 2) By Usb internet or pass through. On some android devices like mine (htc 816g) there is an Usb internet option in ...


I have tested following phones which work with micro usb otg cable to ethernet (i.e have build in ethernet drives). Asus 1. All models of padfone ()only the phone part, not when docked to tablet). When otg usb to ethernet adapter is attacheds (or otg cable attached with usb to ethernet adapter, then ethernet menu pops in on the setting menu as well as on ...

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