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After some trial and error seem to have managed to get it working, turns out it is a DNS issue. If anyone else has this issue then it turns out that you need some extra commands in order to get KitKat to work. I added these on to the end of my script posted above and I can now ping google and get pings returned: adb shell su -c 'ndc resolver setifdns ...


ReverseTethering does not require root. If your device runs ICS or newer. A few months ago, I was wondering the very same thing and started to investigate. Eventually, I started to develop my own solution. The result is an app that works on devices running Android 4.0 or higher on client side, and all major desktop OSs on the host side. The app is ...


I showed this to a pal of mine who uses the same setup and he had the same issue. He discovered the symbolic link to the SD card was incorrect and of course not editable for non-rooted devices. He found a fix:- Eject the SD card from Setup>Storage Shut the phone down Remove the SD card Restart the phone When running, put the SD card back in. This seems ...


I use a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS with my Nexus 5 running Marshmallow and it works fine. I have also tried a Behringer 8 channel desk that has usb audio interface, and it seems to work as well.

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