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There is a very good chance that you may not have a driver problem. There is a very important detail everyone seemed to miss about using network connections via USB: they must be plugged in before the phone is powered on! The phone must also have Wifi and Data turned off, and potentially Airplane Mode! All before the device is turned on. Some devices can ...


You don't say much about the wireless adapter and which chipset it uses. This is critically important as it will determine which kernel wifi module you'll need. I'm pretty sure Nethunter as distributed already has native support for OTG/host mode as well as some kernel patches to support monitor mode, but not 100% which chipsets are supported/recommended. ...


Have you tried unlocking your screen after plugging in the USB cable? I was having a similar issue - my Moto X would charge but not connect as media device - but none of the above advice was relevant. Finally, I realized that it would not connect as long as the screen was locked. After entering my PIN, it connected immediately. In retrospect, this is a ...


It seems your reader gets it's power through USB and Android devices needs to support usb on-the-go to be able to power other devices through USB. Your tablet apparently doesn't support this.


Download drivers from here source: XDA forum - Nexus 4 driver for Windows If this also doesn't work then there is discussion on XDA forum if you are using Universal naked driver. (OR) Above all, save data on Cloud and Factory reset.


Since the Xperia Control Panel automatically appears every time you connect the device, it seems a default action is set on Windows AutoPlay. Usually, Windows will ask the user what to do when a device is connected to the PC (e.g. open folder to view files, take no action, etc.), and the user can set it as default action (which removes this pop-up and ...


USB chargers supply 5v and are capable of 500ma. That much is standard. These days we have chargers with higher current capabilities - that is, they are able to supply more current if the device tries to draw more. An Apple compatible USB charger connects to the USB data lines as well, in a way that tells an Apple device what the charger's current capability ...

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