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It likely wont. Because two things: 1) Drivers: Android wont know how to operate that printer. All ends here. 2) Even if printer has some Gandalf's spell to be detected by android, AFAIK android doesn't have a mechanism to pass out binary pixel data to printer to print the image.


This is to point out a possibility of replacing echo option, with a copy paste option ( Before that, here is a similar search Prevent complete charging?. .) Related efforts and success for AC charging by replacing the file itself, when echo was not possible, (for reasons I still don't know) is my answer for Honor 6 phone here How do I override charging ...


Connect your mobile, slide down from the top of your mobile to find USB FOR CHARGING, select MTP.


Depending on the your PCs USB host controller, you computer might only be able to output 250mA of current. Another possibility is outdated usb drivers. If if is charging with the wall adapter, it is likely you have a USB host controller that can't output 2A of current like your wall adapter does. Your best bet is to try all of your USB ports, and try to ...

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