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As my old electronics teacher told me, check the power then the physical connections before doing anything else....I have spent 3 hours trying various fixes on my phone, all to no avail. was working fine, then around the time of the most recent update it failed to connect (Hence software fixes searched for first). I finally thought I would try to clean the ...


While in recovery, connect your phone to PC and you can transfer files to and from phone using ADB Commands, provided it is installed in your machine. adb push and adb pull are the commands to send and receive files. Instructions to install ADB on Ubuntu. ADB commands to transfer files.


No. Android doesn't support drivers for these types of devices. Its support for external devices is pretty limited to simple input devices, such as keyboards and mice, and storage devices, along with occasional special peripherals that your individual app would be designed to use. A PC sound card is way outside of its functionality.

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