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Sounds like you need to update your Google Play Account and remove the old credit card. From your phone hit Google Play store app, go to your account, go add a payment method, or edit an existing one. Once there delete the old card and add the new one.


If you've never connected your phone to the computer before, you may be out of luck. Since the later versions of 4.X, (I think at least JB 4.3), you must authorize the host computer to connect via ADB, which will popup the first time you connect with USB. When using Wifi, this authorization MUST already be established, or it will not accept the ADB over ...


I have not tried this myself, but there's an app named ADB Wireless (no root) which, as the name suggests, claims to make this possible without involving root: This app is for developers wanting adb access over WiFi without rooting your phone. … *** NO ROOT REQUIRED *** Usage instructions can be found on the app's playstore page – looks pretty easy ...


If you enable USB debugging, you can actually use the Chrome debugging tools to view your smartphone's display for any website. Enable USB debugging (under Developer Tools). if Developer Tools isn't available in Settings, you may need to do the above. Open the desired website in Google Chrome on your phone Connect your phone to your computer via a ...


Reflashing the device is overkill for this me thinks - When you plug your device in, can you see it in your device list in Windows? (Search for "Devices and Printers", or go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers) If Yes: Try a different USB cable. I've owned several Samsung devices and they're picky about USB cables. Try to use the one that came with the ...


Go to Settings › Storage › again settings (on action bar). There should be "USB Computer connection" option. Tap on it and choose "mtp mode". That should make your phone visible to your pc. If it won't help - let me know! Screenshot (click to enlarge)


Right-click those links and manually download or here is the full link for USB driver. Read this article on how to install the drivers. After installing the drivers, see if you can see the Cruz from your PC. If not, reformat the SD card in the T301, put it in your PC, and copy a file to it. Then back in the Cruz and see if you can at least see the file. ...

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