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To connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to a TV, you need to use an 11-pin MHL cable. 11-pin MHL cables are usually Y-shaped, and state specifically that they're for Samsung phones. That's the only way. You can't use a 5-pin MHL cable with this phone. You can't use an app or custom ROM, or any other kind of software on the phone, to get around the need for the ...


As it's a powered hub, power won't be a problem. Android doesn't have a specific limit on how many USB devices you can have, so the limit is that imposed by the USB specification. If I remember rightly, it's 256 devices, but you can check that for yourself if you're worried. Using a single USB hub with a device is well-tested on different kinds of devices. ...


You can use adb push/pull, it is command line based but working well. You can search using an adb shell.


MTP is the better option in most cases, since the protocol is actually designed for this use. PTP is offered as an alternative since Macs don't understand MTP by default (you need to install "Android File Transfer" on the Mac to make MTP work). This protocol was designed for PCs to access photos from digital cameras, so it can only access the photos on the ...


From command prompt you can enter the following command adb kill-server and then try ejecting.


All that depends on your device, which must support this as well. Android itself does support this since 3.1-honeycomb – and I e.g. successfully use an external keyboard with my tablets, which is just plugged into the USB port. The keyword to look for is usb-on-the-go. We already have more than 60 posts on this topic, which you might wish to check (or start ...


This doesn't directly answer your question, but you could use an FTP app instead, an app which runs an FTP server on your phone that you then connect to over your local network using a client such as FileZilla on your desktop machine? (This is how I transfer files to and from my own Android device, the USB is just too slow and unreliable)


InputStick is a wireless USB receiver, designed for Android devices. It allows Android applications to emulate many different kinds of devices, for example: USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Gamepad and many more. With InputStick, Android apps can do anything that a physical device can: type, move mouse pointer, control multimedia and games. Information can be ...

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