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It's impossible to root out TouchWiz without modifying the Samsung source code to remove and replace it; it's heavily embedded in the OS. This would be a massive effort and I don't believe anyone's done it. The only alternative is a ROM built from stock in the first place, such as Cyanogen as Ryan mentioned.


Well, nobody seemed to be able to answer this question, so I went ahead and applied the update. Overall, I'm glad I did. I haven't noticed any significant change in performance. I could take or leave most of the UI changes included in Touchwiz, but there are a few things in the new UI that are very nice. One is that toggles for things like bluetooth, wifi, ...


For rooting, see How do I root my phone? You should be able to use another launcher regardless, but you can get a close-to-AOSP experience with CyanogenMOD. I don't believe that phone is officially supported by CM but someone's porting it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=946354 The XDA Android Development forum for the Optimus One was ...

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