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I found a few solutions online, maybe you can glean some information from them as they seem to all relate to the model you are having issues with: ...


I would advise, as your next step, to attempt reformatting the phone with the stock images. This will erase the device completely. Follow this guide. The procedure provides all the files you need, and walks you through the steps needed to perform to reinstall the factory images. You may also be interested in installing TWRP recovery, as I 2nd Even ...


When you insert a your Cricket SIM card, it prompts for an unlock code? If it does, you can use a third party website like, but if it doesn't there's not much that you can do :(


As a method of starting to debug this, Linux keeps a log for the kernel. I'm not sure if /proc/last_kmsg is there or not, but you want the kernel log. I'd start by replacing the stock recovery with TWRP. Whether or not you want to Flash to a different rom. TWRP has a file browser. It should let you save the kernel's log either way. You want to pay attention ...

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