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Had the same problem. Please follow the below steps: Press on volume key (up or down) On the Gray menu select None and Indefinitely Exit the menu by clicking on the main screen Press on volume key again Select All. It should work now.


In version 5.3.0 for Android, on my HTC one m8 I couldn't find ANY option to disable vibrations, exept for the "incoming Call" one. So my phone sounds one time and vibrates 3 times when I receive a message... Later edit: Just wrote Viber, they answered that a fix will be available shortly !


I had this problem and it was so annoying, because I missed all the important call due to this error or setting. I didn't change this setting and only Nexus phone know how it changed this setting. Please follow the steps below and it will start ringing. Press Volume Up key on the the phone. Select the option "Indefinitely" Select the Settings icon (the ...

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