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Android DOES support USB sound cards over android 5.0, or, if you have a sony, the Z series (Z2 and up), they support it since 4.4. I use my phone with a cheap chinese device, but tried a Xonar U3, and a creative Play!. However I never tried the audio recording through these cards.


It seems that YouTube Offline feature is expected to work that way, in specific regions/countries. In India, those offline videos are not removed at all(unless YOU remove them or uninstall updates of YouTube app or if you connect the device to internet even once during the 48-hour window, the YouTube app will be able to verify the status and will refresh ...


The official Xiaomi Mi PC Suite should solve your issue. The Global (English) version can be found here. In case it doesn't, you may try to download USB driver for your device manually on MIUI forum through this link. However, do take note that these drivers are not officially endorsed by Xiaomi.


Apparently YouTube videos downloaded for offline viewing get expired after a certain amount of time. I haven't heard anything official about though. The downloaded videos are stored in the internal storage but they are saved as .exo file format which only the YouTube app can open (you can't play them with any other media player app) The best advice I can ...

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