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I think this could be a problem with just any video player, and not limited to the ones mentioned in the question. Also, since CM12 is mentioned, I've assumed that the device is rooted. Note: Solution working on CM12. I wouldn't rely or bother to change every single video player's settings I've got. If I'm in a dark room and don't want any video player ...


You can download movies and play it with external player, for example dice player (which has speed control). But downloading from youtube is not legal. Can be done with tubemate. Be aware, tubemate is censored and no Google tool will help you to find the right version.


You can try to resolve your issue by below ideas. Your device may not support the quality in which user has recorded that video. You need to clear cache memory of phone, or reboot your phone. Size of video is so large, it will be unable to view that in your net speed(2G). You should try deleting the app and re-downloading.


No. Android doesn't support drivers for these types of devices. Its support for external devices is pretty limited to simple input devices, such as keyboards and mice, and storage devices, along with occasional special peripherals that your individual app would be designed to use. A PC sound card is way outside of its functionality.

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