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So with the current version of KODI on android, I was able to swipe left or right with one finger to jump +/-10 seconds. If you swipe multiple times in the same direction it'll jump 30 secs, a min etc based on your settings in the video section (System>Video>Playback>Skip steps...) Make sure to click Settings Level in the lower left hand corner to advanced ...


Convert the files to a recognized format like MP4 or 3gp


You can try this also : Saving SnapChat videos using other snapchat saver apps. There are some snapchat saver apps which can save your photos, videos & images using their app. You can try these apps, check out these apps in this page : Snapchat saver apps


You can do that via adb or a terminal app (in the latter case, ommit the leading adb shell from the examples): read settings: adb shell getprop sys.usb.config find valid settings: adb shell grep usb.config= /init*rc change settings: setprop with the appropriate values (e.g. adb shell setprop sys.usb.config "mtp,adb" or adb shell setprop sys.usb.config "ptp,...


Use MX Player. It has an option to sync by specifying the time to adjust (in seconds). Go to Options (3dots) ->Subtitles-> Synchronization while playing a video to adjust it..

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