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"Sequential download" option in tTorrent


MP4 video repair from Iwo Banas. Automatically finds broken files in your droid, and using another video file from the same device as a reference, fixes it. Works like a charm. Dont forget to donate! (:


The YouTube app does not have that feature. However, it's available if you use a browser in desktop mode. Here's what it looks like on Chrome (on desktop mode):


No, the camera sensor resolution isn't the only factor that determines whether a phone can shoot high-res video, regardless of the APIs offered by the OS. Phones have special video encode hardware to make a video file from the raw camera data, and the hardware can only encode so many pixels per second. To record 2k or 4k video, the video encode hardware has ...


Turn your phone on and off it worked for me


I had exactly the same problem. The only way I found to 'fix' it was to uninstall all updates back to factory defaults. So far that seems to have done the trick.

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