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You can do that via adb or a terminal app (in the latter case, ommit the leading adb shell from the examples): read settings: adb shell getprop sys.usb.config find valid settings: adb shell grep usb.config= /init*rc change settings: setprop with the appropriate values (e.g. adb shell setprop sys.usb.config "mtp,adb" or adb shell setprop sys.usb.config "ptp,...


Use MX Player. It has an option to sync by specifying the time to adjust (in seconds). Go to Options (3dots) ->Subtitles-> Synchronization while playing a video to adjust it..


First export those files from the APP itself (from your phone) then, Plug your phone to your PC and you'll see a folder "downloadmanager" and click it. after that, you'll see files with no extension and the names would be in number. Click it, add the extension to mp4 (for videos) and mp3 (for music). And Voila! You can now view the files !

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