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I had the same issue and fixed it with these changes: Open Root Explorer and go to BUILD.PROP Search for: persist.audio.fluence.voicerec=true Change it to this: persist.audio.fluence.voicerec=false Reboot your Device Google Now and Maps both work fine and recognize "Ok, Google"


Only for Spanish(Spain) but not for other variants (for example Spanish(LatinAmerica)) AFAIK the available commands are: "coma" (,) "punto" (.) "signo de interrogación" (?) "retorno de carro" o "nueva linea" (carriage return) "signo de exclamación" (!)


Apparently, this is a known hardware issue on the RedMi Note 4G. The top microphone doesn't work, only the bottom one. Talk directly into the bottom of the phone and Google Now should work just fine. BTW, the 3G version of the RedMi Note (w/ MTK chip) works just fine. Chinese QA sucks.

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