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You can use Line2 to help you forward calls to anyone anywhere. First, you download the Line2 app on your cell phone and subscribe to a paid plan. You can then port or transfer your existing number to Line2 and once the port is completed, you can set up the call forwarding feature to direct your calls to any number, whether cellular or voIP.


Can two apps use the microphone at the same time? As far as I know: By default, the same way two different apps can't use the camera at the same time, the same principle applies to microphone too. Since these hardwares' drivers respond to only one call from one user at a time. Of course you can make an app that gets the input from microphone and then acts ...


Line2 works in this situation. You can have your brother download the Line2 apps on his cell phone and Android/PC/Mac devices and subscribe to a paid plan. He can then port or transfer his existing number to Line2. After the port is completed, he would be able to access his number across all his devices. Since Line2 syncs between multiple devices, he will be ...

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