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Many factors can affect Skype: Try to move closer to your router/modem Close any unnecessary applications, and then go to Task Manager > RAM > Clear RAM Boot your device into recovery mode, and click on "Wipe cache partition". None of your data will be lost, don't worry.


"Most" calls to numbers in the US and Canada are free through Hangouts as long as you are also in the US/Canada. This is noted in Google's support pages and you can find all of the rates on this page. You need the Hangouts Dialer app in order to place a call. There is no specific listing of the US/Canada numbers that incur a charge (it's $0.01 per minute), ...


i found this Solution : video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWAbs9TgpG4 Software : http://www.convertervideo.net/ just, copy the caf file to Computer then, use the video to convert this file to MP3 hope this helps.

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