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this problem is temporary. either restart phone or format it...


If you have Apex Launcher the follow the below settings, Open Apex Launcher > Home screen settings > Wallpaper Mode > Single Screen(non-scrolling) Apex Wallpaper Mode Screenshot (Click to enlarge) The above settings will not scroll if you have/swipe multiple home screen enabled and the wallpaper will be fixed into one screen and not zoomed and ...


Apparently if you set an image as wallpaper and if you have to crop it to fit as wallpaper then it gets saved as JPG as a result of image processing. Please try this once...Find out the target devices' resolution and then create a wallpaper in the exact dimension. This way you just set a wallpaper without any image processing. But interestingly, the ...


If you're looking for a workaround, you could try Muzei: it is a live wallpaper, which you can set your own wallpaper to.

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