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Turning OFF your screen via widget is possible (and several widgets are available for that). But turning ON the screen cannot work that way, as to access the widget, it must already be turned on. Of course you could use a lockscreen permitting widgets (like C Locker Pro). An alternative is using tasker, and defining a corresponding profile: Condition: ...


This could be achieved with tasker: You can create a "task" performing the HTTP_GET you need, and then create a shortcut to that task on your homescreen (the same way you'd create any other shortcut there: Tasker Task shows up in the list of available shortcuts, and lets you select the task to create the shortcut for).


I did a reset from "backup and reset" menu in settings. And this got the Digital Clock back.


As geffchang has suggested, there are some widgets that can show a thumbnail/screenshot of the website, but it's not possible to have a fully working, interactive view like you get in a web browser. Home screen widgets don't run like normal apps: instead, the widget provider tells the home screen app what layout the widget should have, from a set list of ...


I think this might be what you're looking for: Meta Widget: Create widgets from almost any website element Websnap-Web capture,Web widget: take a snapshot of any web page or part of a page and display it on your Android home screen with a refresh interval of your choice Feel free to search Google Play for related apps.


I'm not surprised you're confused: the term is indeed used for two different things, as you've found. For developers, a widget means a View: a single GUI control inside an activity, which can show information or be manipulated by the user. Examples include Button, TextView, and SeekBar. The app component that lives on the home screen (or lock screen) is ...

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