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files stored in that folder have no extension. In google search older versions of dailymotion files can be changed to .mp4 format and will play. Now when the file extension is changed to .mp4, pc players do not recognize it. I would think the files are drm protected? possibly custom codec. dailymotion website changed recently too. I can no longer detect the ...


Yes you can, I just did it. Android 4.4.2 and WinXP. Did it like this: enable BT on both devices, make sure under Windows' BT Configuration->Local Services you have 'Headset' service set to 'Automatic startup'. Connect the devices (using pass-phrase if required), check on Android that 'Media audio' is enabled for the connected PC. Play some music, enjoy!


I actually got it to work by disabling the screen filtering app. I had applied bluelight filter which decreases the opacity of screen. Anyhow I turned it off and the backup worked. I wasn't able to download apk's so this helped. If u have any apps that run on top of most apps or something like that as it was explained in this youtube video, I would disable ...


Yes, Yes, depends. I can't give you a definite answer as it is really hardware dependent You have to make sure that Windows 8 is compitable with your CPU, since it's Intel Atom, it should work, and as a note get 32-bit version If all above matches, you have to actually figure out a way to 'boot' the installation ISO, which I think you have to unlock the ...

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