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Currently, no. You cannot search from within droid explorer for files. This is something that I eventually want to do, but have not yet had the time to do so. (I am the developer of droid explorer).


As pointed out in my comment on the question: Copying the SD card while it's mounted in your device might cause you some "data loss". So e.g. the .android_secure directory is "locked down" and won't be exposed to your computer; if you have apps installed on your card, they would "break". I understand a card reader is not the preferred option for you. So ...


We just found out that you need to install Windows Media Player through Desktop Experience to get MTP functionality on Windows Server.


Sometimes you can not move files like this using USB. I have faced this issue there are two solutions for this: 1.You can use external card reader and then make copy. Instead of Drag and Drop open your sd-card window and location where you want to put the files. Then Select folders->copy them and without closing the window paste on the destination.

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