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I found the solution: Check the VirtualBox version and go to their website and update the extension pack. This is on a Fedora 20 system and after updating the VirtualBox "extension pack" and uninstalling all the all the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" drivers in "Device Manager" of the guest(Windows 7), and then shutting down the guest and rebooting the ...


http://www.totalcmd.net/plugring/TotalAndDroid.html - this plugin does not give you a drive letter, but beside of this - does the job. You can see all files of your Android device on TC panel and do all regular operations.


well in that case u can use software data cable in your android phone. it'll install the ftp server on your phone and you can get access to your phone storage from the browser.. remember they should be in the same network....


Try updating the driver in Device Manager.

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