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When such a notification appears... Open your notification area Long-press on the notification. This opens the app's settings in the system configuration. Here you can disable all notifications from the app. This is a feature introduced with JellyBean -- as you've stated your device is running Android 4.1.2, this setting should be available to you.


I would guess that Samsung failed to provide proper support for Yahoo Mail. Therefore I recommend that you install the offical Yahoo Mail app. It should work out of the box. Antoher approach is to forward your yahoo mail to your google mail. They advantage is that you don't have to use an additional e-mail app.


Just use the default contacts app. When entering your new contact, there is an option where you can choose where it should be stored. Choose your Google account and you're all set.


I know you can tap the icon next to their name in Gmail and it'll ask if you want them to added to your contact list, although not extensive, I'm sure can be edited further. I can't help with Yahoo!'s service though as I don't use them primarily. Someone else may be able to answer you on that point.


If you install the Yahoo mail app from the Play Store, it will synchronize your contacts to your phone's address book, and pull them up in any app, including Gmail. The advantage of this method is that you will have an ongoing sync, meaning any contacts you add via Yahoo website will automatically appear on your phone, and vice-verse. If you don't want to ...


This sounds like you're using POP3 to access your email. This doesn't sync read status back to the server. Can you configure your email using IMAP? Take a look here and use these settings


In the official Yahoo! Mail app, Yahoo recently changed the layout so that the Settings menu is no longer accessed by pressing the "Menu" button. Launch the app and tap the little < arrow next to the "Inbox" label on the upper-left corner of the screen. This will reveal the Folders menu. Scroll it down to the "Tools" section, tap on Settings, then tap ...

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