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comment Is it safe to wipe boot?
Thanks Richard. I think I've gone through several kernels now without ever wiping boot, but it's included in several of Amon Ra's "superwipe" scripts. Do you know under what circumstances this might be necessary?
comment What is hard reset and what is factory reset?
"You're right about factory reset -- it erases all your settings and data, leaving the OS." Does that mean that Factory Reset is exactly the same thing as wiping /data and /cache? I would have thought from the name that it resets your phone back to its "factory" state by reformatting all internal memory and flashing each partition from an image on a real embedded ROM in your phone, but that appears not to be the case. I guess if such a thing existed, it would be easy to restore a "bricked" phone. Manufacturers must be under a lot of cost pressure. ;)