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I've been an Android user since 2009. I've helped to design parts of the Android operating system, and graphics drivers for Android phones. Now I work for an indie studio, helping Android users to get things done and have fun.

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comment How can I get files off my broken Galaxy S4?
possible duplicate of How do I backup data (SMS/contacts) from a device with a broken screen?
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revised Downloads from my mobile not appearing on computer - Samsung Galaxy
Improved spelling, grammar and formatting. Also added more related tags.
comment Flashed system partition differs subtly from system.img
'A block of "20..." bytes appears to have moved.' Could you be more specific? Are you missing some bytes from the end of the filesystem? How many? Where have they moved to?
comment AC3 codec for MX Player
I don't think you can. The "codec" plugins for MX Player are only optimized versions of the built-in codecs, for particular hardware. If MX won't pay the patent fees to include AC3, they can't ship it at all, whether built-in or as a plugin.
comment How To Port CyanogenMod Rom To One Device To Another?
Thanks for your research suggestion, but as I used to do Android system integration for a living, I'm already familiar with how to port ROMs to new devices. You can try doing it without any programming if you like, but you won't get very far.
comment How to create a “main application” where it's event causes return to this “main app” from any other called running application?
It sounds like you're trying to create a launcher or home screen app.
comment Where does Hike or WhatsApp stores Messages?
comment How To Port CyanogenMod Rom To One Device To Another?
I'm afraid this isn't a site for programmers, so we can't help you to program custom ROMs. If you look in the cyanogenmod tag wiki, there's a brief note about how you can help get your device supported.
comment Is Asus Memo Pad 8 limited to 2 users?
"doesn't allow" What actually happens?
comment How to easily change keyboard input application?
I can't tell you about "newer" versions of Android, because I don't know what version you're using.
revised How can I install apps again after forgetting my “content filtering” PIN in Google Play?
The title should express what the question is, to make it easier for other visitors to find.
comment How to easily change keyboard input application?
Doesn't your phone have an item in the notification tray to switch keyboards?
comment can't send long email answers
It could be a bug in YahooMail. Have you tried a different email app?
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comment How can I run an EXE Flash App on my android device?
No, I don't think so.
comment Xposed Framework modules not downloading
Have you rooted the device?
comment Android Open Accessory not detecting external Hardware
We can't really help with custom hardware development here: this is a site for end users, and your question is just too low-level for us. I can tell you, though, that switching between host & device mode is determined by the cable. If you look at the USB-on-the-go spec, you'll see that the "host" end of the cable has two pins wired together. If your cable is like that, you're putting the tablet into host mode.
comment Embedded YouTube videos have sound but no video
What phone do you have, and what Cyanogenmod version? Likely it is a bug in the ROM you're using.
comment How to restore old screen power-off effect on android 5
I believe the only way to change it is to install a custom ROM that supports the effect you want.