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I've been an Android user since 2009. I've helped to design parts of the Android operating system, and graphics drivers for Android phones. Now I work for an indie studio, helping Android users to get things done and have fun.

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comment Any way to get root without a custom recovery? (Unlocked bootloader)
Copy-pasting answers from different questions is not useful, especially when the answer you're copying off refers to the idea of a "loop" which isn't even mentioned in this question.
comment Embedded YouTube videos have sound but no video
What phone do you have, and what Cyanogenmod version? Likely it is a bug in the ROM you're using.
comment How to restore old screen power-off effect on android 5
I believe the only way to change it is to install a custom ROM that supports the effect you want.
comment Google photo backup
What exactly did you do to back them up?
comment site for apk's and installation
Any website does this. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, your own web server, &c.
comment Why is native android browser crashing when I go to a specific website?
Also, if your question is really "why," the answer is obviously "because of a bug in the browser". Do you have a more specific question? What are you trying to achieve?
comment Why is native android browser crashing when I go to a specific website?
What device is it on? The native browser is Chrome on Nexus devices, and varies on devices from other manufacturers.
comment Automatically verify signature on all Android Exchange emails
What email client are you using? The one that came with the phone, Gmail, or something else?
comment encryption and fingerprint unlock
What fingerprint scanner? Are you asking about a particular phone?
revised Is it possible to assemble a mobile phone and install Android on it?
Add a note about Google Play as well
answered Is it possible to assemble a mobile phone and install Android on it?
comment Cloning room key card by using nfc?
It depends on the particular key fob system in use. Cheaper ones just use an ID number in each tag and are easy to copy. Secure ones use a challenge-response mechanism, like contactless payment cards, and are practically impossible to copy.
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comment Android Lollipop with Nexus 5 - Proximity & Notification Bar
It's not new that you need to open the notification tray to click on notifications. As for the prox sensor, other Nexus 5 users with problems after updating have found that a (backup followed by a) factory reset can fix the problem. You might try thatl
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comment Icon on an already displayed app
Could you describe more clearly what you're trying to achieve?
answered Is it possible to use Linux/unix's dd to make an image backup of an android phone with the phone off?
comment How can I specify similar apps to my app in Google Play?
Questions about publishing apps are off-topic here (see the help center), since this site is targeted at end-users. It's not possible to deliberately specify them in any case.
comment gmail inbox contents disappeared mysteriously
Which Gmail app are you talking about? "Gmail", or "Inbox by Gmail"? You've tagged your question with both.
comment How to fix a nexus 5 constantly playing lock sound when usb plugged?
Many users with Nexus 5 Lollipop problems have found a factory reset solves the problem. You might try that.