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Hi! I’m Jeremy Visser, a small-time hacker from NSW Australia. Because it’d take way too long to list everything I’ve dabbled in, I’ll make it short by saying that I like C, Python and JavaScript, dislike C++ and PHP, and used Delphi back in the early 00’s. It’s debatable whether HTML and CSS are programming languages, but I still consider it to be coding — after all, it still involves problem solving.

For a couple of years, I did LAMP web development, and was a small–time WordPress contributor. Later on, I dabbled in Python, and wrote a PyGTK app called Python-iView. My latest obsession is actually networking (particularly IPv6), and all of the concepts that go with it — whether it’s routing, or dissecting IP packets at the bit level. I consider Wireshark to be just as important as my prescription glasses in my daily life.

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