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Feel free to stalk my Internet name(s) if you wish - it's how I make most of my closest contacts these days. Just note that I don't really believe in social constructs when they get in the way of satisficing (or in the way of my goal of learning as much as possible).

Don't take anything I say/do too seriously. A lot of the things I do (that may look weird/stupid on the outside) are the types of things that help me adjust my posterior probability of various things - especially low probability events.Sometimes I hit on a jackpot/very interesting idea. I'm kind of messy since it helps facilitate creative destruction.

I have a lot of respect for all of the sciences. Tactically, I'm developing heuristics for rationality, impartiality, anti-laziness, and creation+identification+searching for what's relevant+reliable. Strategically, I just want to learn everything.

A lot of my thought processes involve my creating new hypotheses and refuting them on my own. I still document the thought process since it's important and may be important for future "true" hypotheses.

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