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comment How do I unroot my Evo (using unrevoked 3.21)
The RUU is basically a nice, executable version of step 2. The OP will need to flash S-ON first, then either flash the RUU or the ROM extracted from it.
comment How can I boost the volume on my Droid's speaker?
I've gotta ask: Why? The speaker on my wife's Droid is LOUD when it's turned up all the way. Beyond that, I haven't seen anything myself that does what you're looking for -- sorry I can't actually help.
comment Unroot an SLCD Droid Incredible
Yes it does. The phone will be completely stock.
comment switching from unlimited data plan to pay-per-data. what to watch out?
DroidWall would also be good for allowing certain applications access to data and restricting others.
comment How do I get my rooted Incredible to install the latest Verizon update?
Are you already running Froyo? If so, grab the pre-rooted ROM, toss it on your SD card, reboot into recovery, wipe cache/Davlik cache (Davlik is under the advanced menu), then flash the new ROM. No need to wipe data and have to go about reconfiguring everything. This will probably take less time than unrooting, dealing with the OTA, then rerooting.
comment want to get my Droid back to stock, but don't want to reinstall apps
That's the stock recovery. If you download a signed ROM (like a Master OTA), rename it to update.zip, and put it on the root folder of your SD card, you'll be able to flash it from recovery. See the last link in my answer below for details.