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I'm a Software Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo, currently working at BlackBerry on the BlackBerry 10 Simulator.

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comment Can I run the same app simultaneously with two users?
Are they actually running simultaneously? Keeping apps running for an absent user seems that a luxury that a resource-limited phone can't afford (or shouldn't if you want your battery to last more than an hour).
comment Sony Xperia E1 D2005 Custom Recovery&CustomROM Flashing?
Personal critiques are not welcome here. Also, if that post is edited or deleted, this answer becomes useless. Please provide an overview of the process.
comment ART makes Facebook app non installable (Error: -24)
It's an experimental feature in 4.4. Please direct bug reports to Google.
comment Password for Android SDK
It appears the answer is that Windows sucks (and as such this has nothing to do with Android): bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=381216
comment Can the Dolphin browser be configured so that the toolbar doesnt scroll along with web pages?
What does pinching have to do with scrolling?
comment OTA Update on a rooted Nexus5 with Custom Recovery and Kernel
Could you provide a link and explain how to do that?
comment How can someone else read my Text Messages
Isn't it possible to disable the automatic sending of text messages without turning off S-Beam or NFC completely?
comment How to totally block internet access (data) on an Android?
Something like DroidWall might work.
comment I've exceeded my unlock attempts (10). Is there any way to unlock my phone?
Have you tried a factory reset?
comment How do I an an email address to calendar?
Have you tried via Settings -> Accounts?
comment t Recover deleted files from internal storage Android kitkat without root
That question is not specific to rooted phones; any solution is welcome there. However, you cannot access storage at a block level without root, that's simply reality.
comment Error “package not correctly signed correctly. uninstall the previous app” on new Micromax A108
You could try downloading the latest Google Play and sideloading it. See this article; download it to your phone, and click the file to install it. You may need to enable installing from Unknown Sources in your device's Settings.
comment Why are most of my Pre-Installed apps that connect to Google not working?
We're getting tons of questions about this sort of issue at the moment, across lots of devices and Android versions. I wonder if Google is having server issues.
comment Installing Lollipop
See also: android.stackexchange.com/q/6028/1465
comment How to recover data from a formatted device [rooted, flashed]
This cannot work after fastboot oem unlock; see my answer.
comment Can I disable an Android app to read write some folders in SD card? (CLOSED)
The apps will probably crash or fail to work if they can't read or write data. I think the answer is to uninstall the apps that do things you don't like.
comment problems unlocking bootloader of xperia z3
Where did you obtain the driver? If you trust it, you could disable Window's driver signature verification temporarily to install it. I've manually added entries to driver .inf files before and done this so Windows would allow it to work.
comment my samsung gt-s7262 will not enter recovery mode
If you flashed ROM your device wouldn't still have a pattern lock on it. Please clarify the steps you've taken.
comment Note 2 sgh t889 not reading sim card
You replaced the SIM reader inside the device?
comment Rooting Error in Samsung galaxy 4?
Usually root requires taking steps that a user-mode app cannot perform. Usually you would unlock your bootloader, flash a custom recovery, and then flash a root package; or use a PC-side tool. You should search for how to root your specific device rather than trying things at random. As is, we cannot help you because there are dozens of Galaxy devices with different rooting methods.