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I have been a developer since 2002, starting in High School with VB6, Java and HTML; graduating college with a degree in Computer Science.

My work now involves desktop application development, architecture design and doing my best to stay on top of good practices and philosophies.

My range of technologies are from C/C++ and Java to Python and PHP. Recently I have delved into .NET and C#, with some Android development in my spare time.

I learn as much as I can from wherever I can, as such I am an early adopter, a technology enthusiast, and an update-oholic.

comment Stream media from Play Store on Android To PC
The last time I rented a movie from the Play Store it had a "Download and watch offline" option (a pin, I think) that expired after a viewing. So it was at one time possible to temporarily download a rented movie.
comment Radical Android customization
Sounds like you want Kiosk Mode
comment Why android is power hungry?
On my device, the Motorola Droid 3, there are pre-installed applications that I do not want, and cannot remove. They periodically run themselves and eat resources. Common names for this kind of software is: Blotware, crapware, garbageware, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crapware
comment Are Xoom files automatically transferred to a newly added microSD card?
On my stock 4.1.2 Xoom, I don't have write access to the MicroSD card (doesn't seem to be supported). Whenever I want to delete/add files I have to remove the card and put it into a computer. So you may need to do this to remove your smartphone files from the MicroSD card.
comment How to remove apps from “all downloaded” in Play Store
@RichardBorcsik It sits there, doing nothing, mocking me... :(
comment How to remove apps from “all downloaded” in Play Store
I wasn't able to get this working on mine. (Droid 3, Android 2.3.4, Play Store App version 3.9.16) Perhaps this is ICS+?
comment How to remove apps from “all downloaded” in Play Store
Just to add - this only removes them from the long list of "All Apps" it does not revoke any purchases you made (The Amazon AppStore remove does (or did last I checked), and removing there means repurchase later). And yes, the constant scrolling was highly annoying. Here's hoping they add this to the web store soon.
comment How do Google Play app updates work? Are they free?
@SachinShekhar do you have a URL for the TOS?
comment How do Google Play app updates work? Are they free?
@SachinShekhar When you pay for an app (Splashtop for example) you will always be able to get updates for free for Splashtop, since it was paid for. However, the developer released a different "upgraded" app (Splashtop 2). If I wanted those upgrades, I would have to purchase Splashtop 2. It is technically an "upgraded" version of Splashtop, but was released as a different app. So as long as it is the same app, you are not charged for updates; if they change apps you will have to purchase the new one.
comment How to change the frequency of Google Play update checks?
Side Note: Apps that change permissions must still be manually reviewed before updating using this method.
comment Should I run a factory reset on my phone to speed it up?
I would have included installing Cyanogenmod; but when I checked the site it said that the Global version was not supported.
comment Is there a way to organize the numbered MP3's from Google Play?
Updated to reflect this information.
comment Is there a way to search for a number in Google without interrupting the call?
I believe this depends on your provider. For example: Verizon's CDMA network does not allow you to do Data + Call; however AT&T's GSM network will.
comment Preventing syncing of Google+ contacts to Galaxy S3
This option was not on my Google+ App (Build on my Droid 3 running Android 2.3.4
comment Manually upgrade Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 (yakjuxw) to 4.1
AFAIK Only the GSM Nexus phones, purchased from the Play Store, receive updates from Google. All other versions get them from the carrier (if and when they feel like it, and only after 2-3 botched attempts to roll updates out).
comment Adding (lots of) icons to home screen on ICS tablet
It's the same way on my Stock ICS Wifi Xoom.
comment How do I re-use my account information on Kindle app?
Yes, you "Register" the device as an authorized device for your Amazon account
comment Google two-step authentication and Android lock screen
No, you cannot use a backup code to directly log onto your phone. When your phone locks due to too many invalid entry attempts it sends an email to your registered Google email account. The backup codes allow you to log onto your Google Account via a browser to access the email to unlock your phone. The backup codes are not necessary if you are within your 30-day verification from last entry on the computer.
comment Will rooting my phone improve its battery life?
If you are just rooting (not flashing a custom OS), it is usually better to freeze the problem apps than removing. If the carrier/manufacturer releases an update for the device they check for these apps and if missing will fail to update.
comment Are there any other launchers that display a folder's contents instead of the generic icon?
I run Gingerbread and ICS and it showed up on both. It may be that I have the paid (ADWLauncer EX) version and it is not in the free version.