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A passionate coder & web developer based in Malta (Europe) who constantly tries to keep abreast of the latest technologies and finding new ways to increase code quality and robustness.

Focusing mainly on .Net technologies / C#. Lately became extremely keen on TDD, BDD and similar practices/methodologies to constantly improve on software quality, reliability and coding efficiency.

comment randomly trying to call will not ring once, beep and hang up
the problem wasn't solved. Now it's happening the same, but without the Conditional Call Forwarding active. That message has got nothing to do with the problem apparently, and it is shown everytime a call is initiated.
comment randomly trying to call will not ring once, beep and hang up
Yes, it was switched on. I've disabled it and will see if it does it again. However, ideally I would still have that option because currently using that, my operator can send me a message when I am not in range, that somebody called me. If it solves the problem, does this mean it's an issue of the operator?
comment Sync MP3 Ratings on Android, with MediaMonkey / MusicBee on Windows
That doesn't let you play songs on your Android phone. It lets you see what is playing on the desktop, and control it via your phone. While this is extremely cool and I will certainly be using it - What I need is a music player for Android, which will allow me to play music and rate them on the phone, and then I can copy them back to the PC and the ratings are read by MediaMonkey.