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comment Configuring a google account for a child
We certainly cannot solve the "13-year" boundary here. But there are means to make Android devices "child prove". I wouldn't have a "bad conscience" creating an account with "fake credentials" for child-use. Keep the credentials to you, and configure the device accordingly, it should be fine. You later can "losen the locks" one by one as the child grows, so it can take the "paid apps" along. Enjoy the holidays! :)
answered Configuring a google account for a child
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comment How to root the HTC One S (VilleC2)
@HasH_BrowN Not again. Please read the rooting tag-wiki. We don't close as duplicate to that since January 2012 :)
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comment Jewish calendar in new Google Calendar?
In the past, I had "subscribed" the Hebrew calendar with my (then used) Google calendar, so it was always shown. Doesn't that work anymore? Maybe you have to enable it it the calendar app? I don't use Google Calendar for quite a time anymore, so I cannot check – but I remember I could select which calendars to show and which not.
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reviewed Reject will i lose my photos, voice recordings, videos and notes if i reset my samsung galaxy s1
reviewed Approve SMS not working on Moto G, 2nd gen
reviewed Approve Front camera on Nexus 4: no HDR, and downgraded from 2MP to 1.2MP?
comment How to copy games data
What Android versions are running on the devices? Are they rooted?
reviewed Approve Remove “No SIM Card in Phone” message
comment Prevent Google Play from reinstalling apps after factory reset
When creating your account, you also can change this setting right in the beginning. If doint that, no backups should be restored.
reviewed Looks OK Xperia Z3 DRM Restore
answered phone is askin for network sim pin
comment Busybox Error: unknown option — eusage: nc
I'd first check if the copy of busybox you've installed has nc built-in. Just invoking busybox without any parameters should list the built-in commands. Also please check again the error message you've posted; looks like something went wrong when pasting it. If it says "unknown option -e", it's rather not the nc missing – but it doesn't support the -e parameter.
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comment problem installing over an app installed from google play
Are you by any chance trying to install an older version over a newer one? // With the exact error message (and number), you might also wish to take a look into the list of errors in our google-play-store tag-wiki.
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comment Turn off served by Google feature in Chrome
As the info reveals, it's an "experimental feature" (@AndrewT. so I think that's not the network provider behind it – I rather go with zachk's last comment here). Usually, such features can be turned off somewhere in the setup. Doesn't that info page give any hints on that?