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comment Version control system for managing local files
Well, that's very broad: Define "managing phone directories", please. Oh, but maybe better not here but over at SR – software recommendations are off-topic here. Even when dealing with Versioning with Git or Versioning with SVN :) (or, as @Firelord would say: Before asking for Android apps, make sure you've checked with Izzy's lists)
revised Is there a way to make a page in the Kindle app less brighter than the options available within the app?
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comment multiple android devices using same email address question/
As I wrote in a comment on this answer: As soon as someone reads the mail (or dismisses the notification), no more notifications will be done – as the recipient has "acknowledged" the information. I doubt there's a way around that other than using separate mail addresses.
comment multiple android devices using same email address question/
That should work – until someone receiving an alert dismisses it (or reads the mail). From that point on, no more alerts will be "delivered".
comment Error 491 regarding playstro app update and download
Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts! Just a little (hopefully helping) hint: Many of our tags have a tag-wiki associated (you can find it by clicking the tag). Our google-playstore tag-wiki for example holds a list of known errors and solutions to them – using that, you'll directly find your answer without waiting :)
comment Built in Wireless file management?
Yupp, now everything should be there. Not familiar with Windows, so I cannot help further unfortunately – but with the facts all there, it should be easy for those who are. If you don't get your question answered, and are open to 3rd party solutions, consider asking for them at SoftwareRecs (link goes to the quality-guidelines on their Meta site), there are several available. // Meanwhile: shall we cleanup our comments here, as you've integrated their details with your post?
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comment Looking for an Android video editor
Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts! Please note that recommendations like Is there an app for X are off-topic here (see What topics can I ask about here? for details). For where your question might fit better, you might want to look into Where can I ask questions that aren't Android Enthusiast questions?. With the correct phrasing and details provided, you might try your luck at SR.
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comment Torrent save to network share?
Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts! It's a bit unclear what kind of recommendation you expect here: "Which TV stick to buy" would be off-topic, "Which app to use for this" as well (though there are apps to Mount Remote Drives)‌​.
comment How do I provide internet access only to a single Android app?
Is your device rooted? Otherwise, this will only be possible using work-arounds (usually via VPN – no other way known to me without root). Be welcome to check with my list of Internet Firewalls for Android :)
reviewed Approve Full encryption of a singe purpose device (e.g barcode scanner )
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reviewed Approve Deleted my only Launcher and APK - Black Screen. Please help!
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answered How to choose where to install an app either to sd card or device?
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