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I was a junior Java developer in jan, 2000.

Now it is a myth for me:

  • private members can be accessed only in the declaring class
  • threads can't be stopped

English it is my third language, please correct it, if you would like it.

Here I am hoping for a little help from those users, who are facing the same problems as me: dodging frameworks bugs, or fixing if is possible. Or finding ideas how to solve the imposible faster.

I am willing give back what I got: to help beginners, and other developers.

For me it is a big difference in helping somebody or doing his job , is like giving a fish or teaching how to catch fish.

As I have seen the fish is more appreciated, especially if is free.

comment How to fix Invalid IMEI number on HTC HD2 phone after factory reset?
from where to have other modem.img file ?
comment How to fix “Invalid IMEI ” after Factory reset?
I have formated the nvram accidentally with a tool. My IMEI also resets now. To keep my IMEI why do I need to replace the modem.img (4.89MB) and to what to replace? also is that is replaced, why need /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/ files? There I have MP0B_001 120 byte ST6TA001 412 byte ST6TB001 412 byte and not only MP0B_001. My chipset is MT6589T, phone THL: W8S
comment Where in the file system are applications installed?
Nexus one has the same directory ( Android 2.3.6 ), but only for some apps, some aren't there
comment How to disable “Forgot Password” on the lockscreen
exactly. With a Parental control app I am changing the password and I am locking the device. It is to easy to unlock. Take a look at Kaspersky's Parental Contro app.