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I am going to start my computer science / computer programming career on February 4th, 2013 as part of a class of students taking an Edx 6.00 Intro to Computer Science Course. I am an author by trade and graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the Spring of 2010. I have worked in a number of public sectors from my start at 16 washing dishes at Bacal's Cafe to working for Hasbro Games Research and Development Labs in East Longmeadow Massachussetts. I am currently experiencing unemployment and at the ripe age of 32 with my extremely proficient ability to read in mind I am going to begin educating myself about the trade of Computer Programming. I believe that my thousands of hours scouring the internet for information will be extremely useful to me as I begin to explore the syntax and the logistics necessary to cope with to create database driven dynamic websites for my hometown of Cincinnati, OH.

I am currently waiting in the wings to discover whether or not I will be on the research team which will guide my hometown into a gigabyte internet service network and am learning vast amounts of information regarding the topic of computer science. I have always been fascinated by computers and feel that my city can best benefit from my services as a computer scientist at this moment in history. I have three books for sale on my website that either deal with business or computer science fiction or help me to dovetail my interests in the world of authorship.

I hope you enjoy my writing as my Comments in my code will be prolific as I seek immortality in the language of computer science. I am a truly unique individual that is seeking solace in your community and I hope that the greatest good can be done with my help in this world of mass communication and information ferrying. I believe that my greatest strength is my poetic fluency in the Midwest Vernacular of the English Language and that my reading skills will be put to the test as I review your work as Tech Book Authors and through my education begin the process of writing my own tech manuals that will allow stead fast readers a style of instruction that will allow for damn near any interested party to begin to cope with this new language that has been developed that requires higher levels of fluency to fully grasp and understand.

I am a scholar and I seek enlightenment in the world of file managing and computer aided english syntax. I have nothing on my hands but time as I am a recipient of federal aid in the form of uneployment and in my massive amount of freetime that I have been allotted I am going to perfect my logic skills and my problem solving acumin by solving these problems that I see before me in the world of American Culture from the Old World mixing it up with the New Guard of information dissemination. I plan on starting my own tech company as I have amazing managerial skills and really have a passion for people.

Namaste and Good Tidings.

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