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comment Swipe from the side to activate a widget overlay?
Thanks so much for posting here and on XDA-Developers! I'll definitely be looking through this video to understand a bit more how to set up a Bubble Cloud Widget. However, unfortunately it doesn't get me exactly what I'm looking for. I'm limited to how much I can write here so I'll write more on the thread on XDA. Just suffice it to say here that the main way I've learned here (thanks to @Firelord above) is via Smart Task Launcher and yet another app - Popup Widget 2 in order to launch a Bubble Cloud Widget from within Smart Task Launcher...
comment Swipe from the side to activate a widget overlay?
@HasH_BrowN I haven't contacted the dev about that, but I recall trying to contacting him a while ago about something else and not getting a response. The app is rarely updated. But yes, been thinking I should try that route as well... Thanks for the other tips - I've made those changes. :)
comment How to pick the desired contact/contact image when dialing a number shared by two (or more) contacts
Yeah, that seems to be the consensus in other forums I've seen this. Sad that this fairly basic functionality is a big kludge even after 7 years of development of Android. :(
comment How do I enable Google Now on my Galaxy Note 2 (NT-7100)?
Oops, just saw your other post about Google Now not showing in settings of Google Search. Seems pretty odd. I wonder if you need to do a factory reset? The other thing to do before that maybe is just to try clearing data in Google search?