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Chronologically by age:

Age 6: Learned HTML Coding, generalized.

Age 8: Began learning Batch Scripting

Age 10: Practically perfected Batch Scripting

Age 12: Wrote first full webpage

Age 14: Learned Visual Basic through High School Course, also began learning server side scripting using Classic ASP

Age 15: Learned and practically perfected CSS, started Javascript

Age 16: Learned PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL started first website using a Database.

Age 17: Working on current PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript project to increase skills in webdesign.

Current project:

I am currently working on a project in which students join and subscribe to their classes. They will post unfinished assignments through text and also pictures. They will be able to ask questions, communicate among each other, and with teacher consent post finished assignments