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I'm a coder at a company and working at my PhD at the University of Minnesota, as well as developing a bunch of projects on the side.

comment Wi-Fi with no data
On my Nexus 4, when I'm on a Wifi network that requires a login, it will set a notification "Login to wireless network" shortly after connecting. It checks against a known-value page in CaptivePortalTracker
comment Is it possible to pre-download a YouTube video to view it later offline?
One thing to note for this answer is that it only works on the phone YouTube client - it doesn't work on a tablet. :(
comment Can you use the Nexus 4 without a SIM card?
I've been using mine for 3 days now without a SIM as I wait for one to come in the mail, confirming specifically for the N4.
comment How do I transfer numbers/contacts from Windows Mobile to Android?
This is pretty complex!