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comment How to display javascript console on Chrome (or a different browser)?
Hm. It's not possible even in other browsers I tried (firefox, opera).
comment Can I transfer application from account to account on a single tablet?
What actually worked for me: I set mail synchronization of my account as off, and I set a new Google Account in settings. What happened is that GMail application crashes wherever it's run (which is a good thing in this case :)), bought apps still work, and they would have to go to settings to set my mail up, which they will never do as I know them (settings menu is "off the limits" for my parents).
comment Is there an Android phone without proprietary code?
I have to admit, I don't really know that much about Android and I thought you have to root your phone to install CyanogenMod, possibly breaking various warranties and such. If it's possible to install without any fuss on mobile phones, my problem is solved. EDIT: oh yeah, it voids the warranty on almost any phone. Well, I will think twice about that.
comment Is there an Android phone without proprietary code?
According to this thread - - and poor Google Translate, they plan another model maybe in march 2012. It would be good if it happenned.
comment Is there an Android phone without proprietary code?
That doesn't look that bad; however, the site seems a bit abandoned until 2009 and the wiki - - is quite spammy. But thanks anyway! I will think about that
comment Is there any working implementation of Google Docs on Honeycomb?
Well, it DOES improve the overview of all documents, but that frankly works in browser, too. But once I got into editing mode, I got switched back to the regular old mobile version. And I wouldn't be so optimistic about the second thing, too. Google introduced new, better interface for Google Docs, that is completely redesigned. And guess what. It works even WORSE on Android tablets than the previous version.
comment Can I tether iPhone 3G to EEE Pad Transformer?
Thanks! Will try it once I got to try EEEpad.