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I am a skilled software engineer who has shipped on every major mobile platform and written server software for both in house servers and cloud. I graduated with honors in Chemical Biology and Computer Science from a top engineering school, Stevens Institute of Technology, and followed that up with a Masters in Software Engineering.

I recently received a commendable rating working with HTC for over a year getting the world's top companies running on mobile platforms with amazing user experiences. Before that I worked for several years at IBM doing web metrics, a couple years at State University of New York writing Java server code and web pages, and a couple years doing freelance mobile development.

A highlight of my career was implementing the CardioTrainer Pro app with several other engineers, which became the top revenue generating add-on for that company's million download free app. I've also put extensive time into writing solutions involving photo capture, upload, and storage; NFC; gaming, monetization, social, and powerful graphics languages like OpenGL ES.

Specialties:• Shipped apps on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS mobile platforms. • Shipped server code on Linux, Windows IIS, Google AppEngine. • Skilled at C#, Java/JEE, JavaScript, SQL, (X)HTML, XML, XSLT and other languages.

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