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My name is Cristian and I'm an Android Freelance Developer. To contact me:

Open Source Projects

Projects above are distribute freely and are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. They are also available in the Maven repository: http://mvn.egoclean.com

  • adswitcher Ad Switcher allows you to configure different Ad Networks on your Android Application, and will take care of show or hide the ad depending on whether the ads were served or not.
  • android-facebook Stand-Alone facebook sdk library for Android. This is based on the official facebook sdk but you can use it without having to import it as an android library. This allows you to use an easy to use jar file.
  • viewflinger this an android widget (extends ViewGroup) that allows to group a set of views that can be swipped horizontally. It offers a smoother transition that cannot be accomplished using ViewFlipper. This is based on the Workspace class on the iosched project, which is based in the class with the same name of the Launcher app.
  • wizard Android ViewGroup that allows to easily setup a wizard view.

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