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Top new questions this week:

List of ADB settable permissions

I am searching for a list of permissions that can be set with adb. I could just iterate through all permissions and ignore the failed ones but i'd rather filter out the ones that i know can't be set ...

asked by Bluscream 3 votes
answered by Irfan Latif 4 votes

Does `adb install` do APK signature verification?

When using adb install something.apk, does the Android Package Manager verify the signature of the APK? adb install seems to bring up nothing up on the phone's screen, so it's hard for me to know if ...

adb installation apk  
asked by user1748155 3 votes
answered by Robert 5 votes

How to automate sending my current battery percentage to PC over the internet every 5 minutes?

I'm using Android 9 on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and on PC I use Windows 10 and Arch Linux, there are many times when I'm away from my phone and it is charging in a different room or someone else is ...

battery-life automation terminal scripts  
asked by himanshuxd 2 votes
answered by himanshuxd 1 vote

What are the privacy downsides to using Google's Gboard keyboard for Android?

For several reasons, I do what I can to avoid using Google products. But I do currently use the Android OS (at least for now). One thing I like about Android is being able to use any keyboard app ...

keyboard privacy gboard firewall input-methods  
asked by RockPaperLizard 1 vote

How do I prevent my keyboard from trying to suggest 2 sets of spelling corrections?

A decent while ago, my keyboard decided to start recommending two sets of spelling corrections. The new type of spelling corrections tends to get in the way of me using the one that I prefer to use. ...

asked by Shadow Z. 1 vote
answered by Shadow Z. 1 vote

How accurate is Google Play installs measure?

When you look at app listing in Google Play there is "Installs" section: How accurate is that? What values can be found there? Does is take uninstalls into consideration?

google-play-store installation  
asked by Marian Pa┼║dzioch 1 vote
answered by Hack5 0 votes

removing privileged permissions from pre-installed apps

Many pre-installed apps get privileged permissions, which are defined in /etc/permissions/privapp-permissions-*.xml files. Given a rooted device, it would be possible to edit those files in order to ...

root-access permissions system-apps  
asked by Izzy 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I change the Google Play country?

Can someone tell me how to change the country preference for Google Play? I have searched high and low but in most of the forums people ask you to go to Gmail settings -> edit profile and change the ...

google-play-store localization  
asked by bobbyalex 171 votes
answered by Letharion 97 votes

Samsung Galaxy Y won't connect to the computer

I'm having problem connecting my Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to the computer using via USB. Whenever I connect it, it automatically charges. Before there was a prompt to connect it to the computer ...

asked by smile lauren 2 votes
answered by RadhaSree 1 vote

Can't receive text messages; everything else about phone works fine

Starting at exactly 3pm (EST) on Sunday two weeks in a row my phone could not receive SMS text messages. It could send SMS, send and receive calls, and send and receive MMS (mutli-media messages). I ...

sms att  
asked by Zags 3 votes
answered by Zags 3 votes

How to view the android service menu (secret menu)?

Most of the mobile manufacturers include a hidden service menu in their mobile handsets. These menus allow users (or developers) to access some technical information and service personnel to access ...

settings dialer-codes  
asked by Sid 26 votes
answered by Sid 5 votes

How can I reset my phone without losing everything?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S I9000, it keeps lagging; freezing and turning on and off by itself. I want to reset it, if I do will I lose all my photos, contacts etc etc..? I can't figure out how to ...

factory-reset data-recovery system-freeze  
asked by laura 10 votes
answered by Logos 5 votes

How to stop speech recognition download? Here is a picture of the screen. It says Downloading English (US) Offline speech recognition data 108%. When the download started itself I lost the internet ...

asked by erasmus77 1 vote

Whatsapp friends profile image not showing

It's been a few days now since my friends contact images started to disappear on my Samsung Galaxy Sii. Whatsapp up to date. Android is 4.1.2. I've already tried: Turn off/on the phone; Add/remove ...

asked by losbit 7 votes
answered by serenesat 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Access the Digital wellbeing information from local device

Google has implemented Digital wellbeing as part of Android pie through its Beta experience. This app captures user interactions and creates nice charts for users to understand how much was screen on ...

xiaomi miui android-10  
asked by WPF-it 1 vote

Is completely isolated multi-tenancy possible on Android comparable to Linux?

Is it possible to have on an Android device: (permission based or virtual volumes) isolated data storage? user specific, independent device usage configuration? simple user relogin?

asked by J. Doe 1 vote

Battery drain issue on idle phone, how to find out the culprit?

Overnight, starting from a 100% charge, all apps closed, even from a fresh reboot, screen of course off, my phone (Redmi 6) ends up with a ~90% charge. I know this is abnormal, as my previous phone ...

battery xiaomi redmi  
asked by Gras Double 1 vote
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