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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to somehow understand from the logs what happened to the phone a month ago? Are there such logs?

I didn’t have access to my phone for a month, I’m afraid that I could have installed any software or hardware spyware. Is it possible to check it somehow by logs? Does the Android system keep logs for ...

security 9.0-pie logging  
asked by user334822 4 votes
answered by St0rm 6 votes

Is it possible to do in-app purchase via using my desktop browser?

I can buy applications for my devices in using my desktop browser, then those app automatically installed on my device. Now I would like to buy the professional version of Car Scanner (...

google-play-store in-app-purchase  
asked by g.pickardou 3 votes
answered by Robert 5 votes

How can I get the arrow keys back in the centre of the keyboard?

Until yesterday my SwiftKey keyboard showed arrow keys in the middle of the keyboard. I had switched on the thumb layout and the arrow keys for a compact yet functional layout. Since yesterday (...

keyboard swiftkey  
asked by Saaru Lindestøkke 2 votes
answered by Sruly 2 votes

How can an Android user know which Project Mainline modules their phone supports?

Project Mainline (officially "Modular System Components" - introduced a set of OS components that Google can update via "...

updates system aosp  
asked by JBraha 2 votes

Interact with notification action from ADB Shell

I have an Android(7) phone and a Linux pc. By enabling USB debugging and using the terminal of my pc, I am able to read the notifications of my phone using the command: adb shell dumpsys notification -...

adb notifications usb-debugging shell  
asked by Soham Saha 2 votes

Termux (Terminal) tsu is adding "(unreachable)" to my current working path

When I run tsu (which is Termux's version of su), my current working directory gets prefixed with "(unreachable)", as you can see from the transcript of my session. [u0_a116 …/~]$ tsu [root …...

command-line termux  
asked by isrgish 2 votes
answered by Sruly 1 vote

How to restore TWRP backup when in boot loop?

Problem My phone is stuck in boot loop after suffering water damage. It only reaches the boot loop when I'm charging, otherwise it does not react at all. Edit: I took the battery out and let it and ...

recovery-mode twrp boot-loop lineageos  
asked by nonthevisor 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Android keeps asking "Sign-in to WiFi network" even if WPA/WPA2 is already authenticated

I'm trying to connect to a DLink Router protected with WPA/WPA2. It's our home router and I can connect perfectly to it from laptops and desktops, Linux and Windows alike. But when I connect to it ...

wi-fi wpa2  
asked by skytreader 4 votes

Open YouTube's saved offline video (.exo file)

My question is specific to YouTube app's new offline functionality. I have saved some video from YouTube app on my Android phone. I restored my phone OS due to some problem. But I have files that ...

asked by KB5 11 votes
answered by AADAndroidEnthusiasts 5 votes

There was a problem communicating with Google servers, try again later - Galaxy s3

Got the dreaded "There was a problem communicating with Google servers, try again later" error. This all started with notifications stating my account could not Sync with any of my apps. Seen many ...

samsung-galaxy-s-3 google-account  
asked by JayBee63 7 votes
answered by JayBee63 5 votes

Change the speed of games in Android / SpeedHack for Android

Is there a way to slow down / speed up the actual game speed? For Windows PC, there is the Cheat Engine SpeedHack that does it nicely. Is there anything (requiring root or not) to achieve similar ...

applications performance  
asked by Mindwin 10 votes
answered by geffchang 4 votes

How can I prevent my device from automatically converting SMS to MMS?

The Galaxy S I9000 messaging app automatically converts long SMS messages to MMS. How can I disable this?

sms mms  
asked by Jeevan Bhatt 23 votes
answered by Omar Al Barahamtoshey 18 votes

SD card not showing files when connected to pc

When my phone MOTOROLA G3(2015) is updated to Marshmallow, its not showing files when connected to PC. While connecting, it shows options as charing only, PTP, MTP, MIDI. When I select MTP, it shows ...

usb-connection-mode 6.0-marshmallow motorola  
asked by Sajin Shereef 24 votes

Change Gmail account to make in-app purchase?

What is the procedure to change email account which you want to use to make in-app purchase? Take a look at the image. Click to enlarge the image I am using 2 Gmail accounts and only 1 has a ...

google-play-store 4.4-kitkat in-app-purchase  
asked by AnDroDroo 73 votes
answered by Yehoshua L 64 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Best adb command and system tweaks for non rooted phone to get closer to rooted experience

As I always owned rooted phones I find frustrating living with all the limitations of non-rooted phones. I would like to list here all the adb commands you can issue and system settings you can tweak ...

adb root-access tweaks  
asked by Ju Tutt 1 vote

Android 8 encrypt phone vs SD card

I have Android 8.1 on my phone. It states under Settings->Security->Encryption&cred = Phone Encrypted. I am using microSD on my phone. This microSD is not encrypted as I am able to remove it ...

asked by paulj 1 vote

How to properly propagate unmounting of USB OTG storage to all mount namespaces (rooted device)

This is a (spiritual) follow-up to the previously answered question How to bind mount a folder inside /sdcard with correct permissions?. Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 ROM: LineageOS 16.0 (Android ...

mount usb-on-the-go file-permissions  
asked by Shamtam 1 vote
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