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Top new questions this week:

Firefox for Android refuses loading any website

I wanted to give Firefox for Android a try (I'm a long-time Chrome user), but after installing it from the Play Store, I discovered it refuses to load any website, always showing this security warning ...

firefox-for-android android-12 https  
user avatar asked by Master_T Score of 2
user avatar answered by Master_T Score of 1

<scrcpy> adb server version () doesn't match this client ()

I'm getting very contradicting messages trying to run scrcpy wirelessly. $ adb connect connected to $ adb devices List of devices attached ...

adb scrcpy  
user avatar asked by Pavel Score of 1
user avatar answered by Robert Score of 0

Samsung Galaxy timeout changes to "parentheses" (or zero)

When I restart my Samsung Galaxy S9, the screen timeout value changes to "()". Notice that's not a zero; it's two parentheses. That's literally what appears in the settings. However, the ...

samsung samsung-galaxy-s7 samsung-galaxy-s-9 sleep screen-timeout  
user avatar asked by Shawn V. Wilson Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I install APK file on Bluestacks app player?

I have created an Android application using Eclipse, and now I'd like to install the APK on Bluestacks which is running on Windows 7. How can I install an APK on the Bluestacks player?

apk bluestacks  
user avatar asked by Mital Score of 34
user avatar answered by Mital Score of 13

Can't hear people unless switched to speakerphone on Galaxy S4

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and I cannot hear callers unless the speakerphone is on. The caller can hear me well but there is only a very faint which is inaudible sound back. I have gone to all the ...

audio samsung-galaxy-s-4 calls speakerphone  
user avatar asked by deb Score of 1
user avatar answered by ged towey Score of 1

How to stop Wifi from automatically turning itself off?

So on occasion, my wifi automatically turns itself off for some strange reason. This happens on both my Lenovo ThinkPad and my Samsung Galaxy S5. Is there a way prevent this from happening?

user avatar asked by InquilineKea Score of 11
user avatar answered by locorecto Score of 6

How do I toggle headset/headphone mode manually?

It seems that the hardware erroneously regard the headset as attached at all times (to the 3.5" jack). This makes me unable to make calls without headset or speaker mode.

headphones headphone-jack samsung-galaxy-spica  
user avatar asked by Leonth Score of 21

Where Android apps store data?

Could you list all possible directories where Android apps may store data, providing description what kind of data are stored in each directory?

applications file-system storage  
user avatar asked by zduny Score of 138
user avatar answered by Izzy Score of 123

How to change someone's profile picture in WhatsApp?

I don't like one of my WhatsApp friend's picture (we chat regularly though his photo disgusts me), so I want to change his profile picture. I did change its source image, but it didn't work on the ...

whatsapp-messenger photos editing contact-photo  
user avatar asked by Berkay Kayalı Score of 6

WhatsApp friends profile image not showing

It's been a few days now since my friend's contact images started to disappear on my Samsung Galaxy Sii. WhatsApp is up to date. Android is 4.1.2. I've already tried: Turn off/on the phone; Add/...

user avatar asked by losbit Score of 10
user avatar answered by serenesat Score of 6
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