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Top new questions this week:

"media: inaccessible or not found" error when attempting to control device volume via ADB

I'm trying to change volume on my device via ADB. When for instance running adb shell media volume --stream 15 --set 0 ...this error is returned (regarding the volume streams): /system/bin/sh: media: ...

adb volume-control  
asked by user598527 Score of 6
answered by Firelord Score of 7

How to determine if device supports 802.11ac?

How to I determine if an Android device supports 802.11ac (5Gz WiFi)?

asked by Geremia Score of 2
answered by alecxs Score of 0

adb succeeds but sporadically returns exit code 1

I'm using adb in an automated setup for testing. The following commands, whenever I execute them, sporadically return an exit code of 1 with no indication of errors happening: adb shell settings put ...

adb windows  
asked by Christian Stadelmann Score of 2

How to list all apps with a specific permission in ADB?

I want to list all apps with a specific permission. For instance, output the package names of apps with the VIBRATE permission. The apps with a specific permission then be revoked or enabled as ...

adb permissions  
asked by user598527 Score of 2

Is there a way to make the share menu suggestions more useful?

For instance: wanted to share a reddit link. So I hit the share button in Relay (reddit client). The first four suggestions: Signal, a friend that I just texted a few minutes ago Telegram, my kid ...

asked by jcollum Score of 2

Using a Partitioned drive on an Android TV

I've got a partitioned drive - A USB drive, where i've got 2 of the partitions formatted ext3, one of the partitions as a FAT32, and the last one as FAT12. I wanted to access the FAT32 partition using ...

partitions android-tv smart-tv  
asked by Saaransh Garg Score of 1

Backup Pixel 3 before erasing phone with TWRP

I am attempting to take a recovery/backup of a Pixel 3 using TWRP. I do not need to flash TWRP, just boot from it to perform the backup. Meaning, I don't care if TWRP is installed permanently. The ...

twrp fastboot bootloader google-pixel-3  
asked by Mikolaj Score of 1
answered by Mikolaj Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

LG phone seemingly stuck on "Firmware Update"

This may or may not be off-topic; feel free to point me to a better place to ask this. My father brought home a cell phone he found in the woods, and I thought I'd charge it and turn it on to see if ...

charging device-firmware lg  
asked by vvye Score of 8

Where are saved pages stored?

I have used the stock browser to save a page for offline reading. It is a .txt file, the browser only opens it and does not give me an option to download it. Where is the page stored, i would like to ...

samsung-galaxy-s-3 stock-browser  
asked by Stingervz Score of 8
answered by Izzy Score of 4

How do I set a custom SMS tone for a single contact?

If it matters any I have an HTC Desire Z with the original Sense install. We have this monitoring service at work that keeps an eye on the various servers and starts frantically SMS'ing me whenever ...

contacts sms ringtone  
asked by Gordon Wrigley Score of 22
answered by B Stewart Score of 7

Can not unlock my Android device as have no internet connection?

I have an Android device which is running Android 4.0.3 (or something like that). My little brother decided to try and guess my lock screen pattern the other day, and ended up locking me out. I ...

lock-screens locked-out  
asked by Liam W Score of 86
answered by Izzy Score of 66

Whatsapp shows me online when I'm not in the application

What reasons are there that WhatsApp shows me online, although I am neither using the application nor the phone as such. I don't know enough about WhatsApp to explain this to a friend who thinks I am ...

whatsapp-messenger offline  
asked by Arlette Score of 4

What does the "Force stop" button mean?

When I go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Downloaded I see an application list. If I select some applications I see button "Force stop" active, but some applications have ...

applications application-manager  
asked by Suzan Cioc Score of 28
answered by Izzy Score of 19

What does FTM mean on my phone?

I have a Telstra smart-touch Next Gen. I wanted to get rid of my google account so I went to settings-privacy-factory reset. Everything was perfectly fine until I tuned off my phone and when I tried ...

asked by Emma Score of 7
answered by Ryan Conrad Score of 9

Can you answer these questions?

How to fix tecno spark 7 PR651 struck at boot animation?

I was trying an experiment on bypassing factory reset protection(FRP) on my Tecno Spark 7 F6317 PR651 Android 11. I bypassed the setup screen enter chrome and download Google Account Manager(GAM) and ...

recovery-mode boot factory-reset-protection  
asked by Maxwell D. Dorliea Score of 1

Is it possible to allow Private Number or Hidden Number calls past DND?

Background: My wife and I are foster parents, and our sponsoring agency uses its on-call phone system to call foster parents for emergency placements. The system has a single inbound number that ...

callerid do-not-disturb  
asked by Matt Mills Score of 1

Tweak rooted Android 12 to access SD card files from normal apps

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with Android 12, and I quickly noticed that many applications were unable to access files on the SD card. For instance, I used to access local HTML/MP3 files ...

sd-card permissions android-12  
asked by calandoa Score of 1
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