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Top new questions this week:

Use fingerprint to unlock the lock screen after booting Pixel 6

Background I am trying to unlock my Google Pixel 6. Due to an accident, I lost much of my memory and in turn, forgot the lock screen PIN code for my phone. I have, however, also activated fingerprint ...

lock-screens boot locked-out google-pixel fingerprint  
user avatar asked by creativecreatorormaybenot Score of 8
user avatar answered by Robert Score of 12

What adds "Translate" item to selected text's context menu and how to get rid of this

I am trying to figure out which application or which application's setting is adding "Translate" button to the selected text's context menu in Wikipedia app: Wikipedia mobile app's ...

google android-13 realme  
user avatar asked by trejder Score of 3
user avatar answered by beeshyams Score of 3

How to use WiFi and Ethernet connection simultaneously on Android 12?

I have an Orangepi5b running Android 12. I want to use Wi-Fi for internet connection and Ethernet to communicate to other network devices connected to it simultaneously. I've read a lot of questions ...

wi-fi ethernet  
user avatar asked by Kracozebr Score of 3

Can broken screen and USB cable in data transfer mode influence each other?

This sounds so weird that I can't believe I am asking about this. I have two exactly the same Redmi 11S (same in terms of purchase date and software installed). One of them has fallen a couple of ...

lock-screens charging broken-screen redmi usb-c  
user avatar asked by trejder Score of 2
user avatar answered by beeshyams Score of 0

Share to app: Remove suggested people to share with

When you want to "share" a file to an app, a line of "recommended people to share with" appears above the apps: Problem: I often need to perform demos on my phone, and for privacy ...

privacy share-menu direct-share  
user avatar asked by Nicolas Raoul Score of 2
user avatar answered by andreszs Score of 0

Phone stays connected to WiFi even when out of reach

As the title says, when I get out of home, my phone keeps the connection to my Wi-Fi even when it is out of reach. This results in a Wi-Fi icon with an "X" and thus not using mobile data and ...

wi-fi asus-zenfone  
user avatar asked by Jacks Score of 2
user avatar answered by Rohit Gupta Score of 2

Can I transfer images from the Phone to Windows?

Almost every photo I take, I transfer to my Windows 10 PC. I normally do this by connecting the USB cable between them and using Windows explorer. All my phones fail with the USB connector becoming ...

windows file-sharing  
user avatar asked by Rohit Gupta Score of 2
user avatar answered by jar Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can't disable pattern screen lock

I recently installed PdaNet+. To use wifi tethering it asked my to accept a certificate and set a screen lock pattern. I have since uninstalled it and removed the FoxFi certificate, but I still can't ...

user avatar asked by user36664 Score of 22
user avatar answered by jeda stach Score of 32

How can I see what IP address my android phone has?

I would like to know what IP-address my Android phone has. E.g. if I use my phone over WiFi, how can I get the local IP-address that is assigned to my phone?

networking internet  
user avatar asked by Jonas Score of 107
user avatar answered by Kevin Coppock Score of 123

Whatsapp shows me online when I'm not in the application

What reasons are there that WhatsApp shows me online, although I am neither using the application nor the phone as such. I don't know enough about WhatsApp to explain this to a friend who thinks I am ...

whatsapp-messenger offline  
user avatar asked by Arlette Score of 5
user avatar answered by injector Score of 2

What is the difference between GSM and WCDMA when switching to manual Network Mode?

I was reading this answer and I need to comprehend this better: What is the technical difference between "selecting GSM" and "selecting WCDMA" in Network Mode settings menu? To save battery life, I'm ...

settings cellular-radio mobile-network  
user avatar asked by Mehper C. Palavuzlar Score of 12
user avatar answered by GAThrawn Score of 14

How can I type special symbols on my Android device like ☺ or ♥ as a regular character?

How can I make special symbols on my Samsung Galaxy SII, like ☺ or ♥?

keyboard text-input special-chars  
user avatar asked by EL-Maré Score of 28
user avatar answered by svarog Score of 16

How do I set a custom SMS tone for a single contact?

If it matters any I have an HTC Desire Z with the original Sense install. We have this monitoring service at work that keeps an eye on the various servers and starts frantically SMS'ing me whenever ...

contacts sms ringtone  
user avatar asked by Gordon Wrigley Score of 22
user avatar answered by B Stewart Score of 7

Factory reset Android using ADB

I am trying to factory data reset my Oppo Neo 7 (Android 5.1) using ADB shell. Any way I can try and link to ADB shell?

adb factory-reset  
user avatar asked by Timothy Dillan Score of 22
user avatar answered by esQmo_ Score of 16

Can you answer these questions?

Install "outdated" app from Google Play

I want to buy Minit, but it says "This app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android." How can I install it? This question was asked before (How to ...

user avatar asked by rbits Score of 1

LG G Pad F 8.0 (UK495) Android 6.0: Cannot Access Bootloader or Recovery

I have an older LG G Pad F 8.0 (UK495). The tablet originally came with Android 5.1 but at some point received an official upgrade to 6.0. My ultimate goal is to hopefully root the device & ...

adb rooting recovery-mode bootloader lg  
user avatar asked by AntumDeluge Score of 2
user avatar answered by Jefferson Villasan Josol Score of 0

How can be missing in Android 13?

I cannot run my favourite MP3 player on my Redmi 11S and Android 13, because the is missing. How it is possible? App author claims that is an essential system component ...

redmi android-13 google-family-link  
user avatar asked by trejder Score of 1
user avatar answered by beeshyams Score of 0
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