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Top new questions this week:

Is the CPU of Samsung Galaxy A10s 64 bit or 32 bit?

I really wanted to know the CPU word length of Samsung Galaxy A10s, running Android Pie. In the first appearance it looks like it has a 64 bit processor, since, it uses the MediaTek Helios P22 ...

samsung android-sdk arm-processors  
asked by Vivekanand V 7 votes
answered by beeshyams 7 votes

Way to prevent the noise when 2 phones together

In using an app, for example Wechat, to have video chats. Two Android phones A and B are sitting in the same room. The two users of A and B stated video chat with mobile phones C and D in another ...

applications video chat  
asked by Mark K 7 votes
answered by Andrew T. 16 votes

What is the URL of the bookmarks or favorites section in Chrome for Android?

I need to add my bookmarks window to the main page. For that, it asks me for a URL which I don't know what it is. I know that the URL for the history list is chrome://history. I tried with the PC or ...

asked by Dik bon 4 votes
answered by Firelord 5 votes

How to enable USB "Audio Source" option on Android 9+?

A lot of screenshots in the Internet mention a 'audio source' USB configuration for Android. For example, this one from Google: However, I cannot see this option with my SM-A510F with Android 9 ...

usb audio audio-recording  
asked by azmeuk 4 votes
answered by Irfan Latif 5 votes

Android Version differs from expected API level

I have found a pretty old device Huawei Ascend Y210. This mobile officially has Android 2.3.3 (API level 10). I found an online custom lollipop ROM for the specific mobile. The device has CWM as ...

adb 5.0-lollipop 2.3-gingerbread huawei  
asked by Karampistis Dimitrios 3 votes
answered by Fidz 0 votes

WhatsApp Built in Scanner Won't Work

I have spent 2 days reading everything on the web concerning this issue and trying all the solutions suggested, with no success. The problem: When I try to connect to to WhatsApp Web, the QR will ...

whatsapp-messenger chrome-for-android qr-code  
asked by Galia Geist 3 votes
answered by Galia Geist 1 vote

Why is user and CA certificate required for IKEv2 RSA VPN?

It should work similarly as to going to a random HTTPS website, where the supplied certificate is backed by a CA, and based on which a secure connection is made. Then authentication follows over the ...

vpn certificates  
asked by Davor Josipovic 2 votes
answered by ecdsa 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I determine if my device has USB Host Mode (OTG) support?

Some Android devices can act as a USB host, so that you can use other USB devices attached to them. For instance, browse or import the photos stored on a camera from your phone, or copy files onto a ...

usb-host-mode usb-on-the-go  
asked by GAThrawn 53 votes
answered by GAThrawn 54 votes

Keep getting "Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]" from the play store

It used to work fine but now when I open the Play Store app it says "Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]" and I can't do anything. I tried clearing the cache of the Google Play Store and ...

google-play-store system-error sony-xperia-arc  
asked by Celeritas 21 votes
answered by Celeritas 4 votes

Can I stop a WhatsApp message from being delivered?

If I delete a message with a single tick, does that just get deleted from my local device ( Android) or does it no longer get delivered to the recipient?

asked by Rob 17 votes
answered by user39209 9 votes

How can I type special symbols on my Android device like ☺ or ♥ as a regular character?

How can I make special symbols on my Samsung Galaxy SII, like ☺ or ♥?

keyboard text-input special-chars  
asked by EL-Maré 26 votes
answered by svarog 16 votes

How can I unlock a pattern lock if my screen is defunct?

I have damaged the screen on my phone, so much so, it will not allow me to get the data to transfer onto my laptop. On opening Samsung Kies, it is saying that the connected device is locked. Please ...

lock-screens broken-screen pattern-lock  
asked by Shirley 11 votes
answered by Ricardo 3 votes

How to turn off the "Screen Overlay" setting?

I'm using the Oneplus 2 and last week I updated my phone's software and ever since then I'm not able to do much on my phone. I'm not able to download photos on WhatsApp and neither am I able to send ...

asked by Jayant chaudhary 3 votes
answered by user3251882 3 votes

How to fix "Invalid IMEI " after Factory reset?

The question is simple "How to fix "Invalid IMEI " after Factory reset?" After factory reset my phone starts showing "Invalid IMEI" on both SIM slots and I can't call or to being called. The phone is ...

asked by T1000 14 votes
answered by T1000 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Unable to unlock Asus Zenphone 3 bootloader

tried unlocking using official APK as well as the unofficial . ...

twrp asus-zenfone-3  
asked by Mrinal Bhattacharjee 1 vote

How can i fix "this rom is for A5ulte, a5ultxx... your phone is" + CUSTOM ROM FOR SM-A500FU ANDROID PIE

I have Resurrection remix 7.1.2 installed on my SM-A500fu and it worked perfectly. I have been using it for some time now till I recently discovered an upgrade of the same custom rom (resurrection ...

recovery-mode twrp rom  
asked by Mimbogy Bancram 1 vote

How do we know when an android version is going phase out and not maintain anymore in the near future?

From the security bulletin I can know that which version of Android is not being supported by Android anymore. For example I can tell that Android version 7.1.1 and 7.2.1 are not being supported ...

asked by Tech 1 vote
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