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Top new questions this week:

What does TWRP "Fix Contexts" do?

In my blu_spark TWRP, I have an option (under "Advanced") named 'Fix Contexts'. When I press it, it says: Note: Fixing contexts is rarely needed Fixing SELinux Contexts may cause your device ...

twrp selinux  
asked by Tom Hale 6 votes
answered by Irfan Latif 6 votes

Strip /lib from installed apk

Most apks have a /lib dir inside with .so files that can be several megabytes. Some even come loaded with libs for different architectures (arm, mips, x86). Libs for relevant arch are copied in ...

apk editing  
asked by Ju Tutt 4 votes
answered by Robert 5 votes

Can't Donwload/Install/Update any app - Waiting for download

I've got a problem while trying to install/upgrade any app on my android phone, after tapping on install/upgrade it just get stuck with the message waiting for download. Nothing works for me, I ...

applications google-play-store troubleshooting download-manager  
asked by FooBar 3 votes

recover WiFi password file Android Pie

I know that Android (at least Pie) uses a file WifiConfigStore.xml to store WiFi access points and passwords. It is located in /data/misc/wifi/. I saved it before wipe and reinstall everything. The ...

wi-fi 9.0-pie magisk  
asked by Arno 2 votes

How do I open an offline website on Android?

I have a directory with some .html files, some .jpgs, an index.html file, and some other stuff. If I drag the index.html into chrome (or other browsers) on my desktop PC this static/offline website ...

applications chrome-for-android browser firefox offline  
asked by Jason Hunter 2 votes
answered by beeshyams 2 votes

Check the last time the SD card was inserted/used on Android phone

I have obviously not been paying attention to the fact that I no longer have an SD card in my Samsung Galaxy S7, that I know used to be there. I just recently discovered that it is missing, and now I ...

asked by horace4x 2 votes

How do I access `$HOME/storage` outside of Termux (with a file explorer)?

How do I access $HOME/storage Termux directory on Android Pie with a GUI File Explorer? In Termux I print the working directory with pwd and it shows $HOME/storage as: ...

applications internal-storage sd-card storage termux  
asked by Jason Hunter 2 votes
answered by Irfan Latif 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I unlock a pattern lock if my screen is defunct?

I have damaged the screen on my phone, so much so, it will not allow me to get the data to transfer onto my laptop. On opening Samsung Kies, it is saying that the connected device is locked. Please ...

lock-screens broken-screen pattern-lock  
asked by Shirley 11 votes
answered by Ricardo 3 votes

How to use Windows' internet on Android phone through USB cable

I'm using Android 4.4.2 (on Micromax Unite 2 - A106). I've a Windows PC at home which has highspeed broadband internet connection. I don't have wireless router or access point. I just want to use PC's ...

4.4-kitkat tethering reverse-tether usb-tethering  
asked by claws 74 votes
answered by Random Citizen 28 votes

Where is the data for "Contacts Storage" located?

Settings -> Applications -> All tells me that "Contacts Storage" uses 2.5MB which must be my contact data. Since I had to revert to 4.03 after a faulty update to 4.1 my contacts seem inaccessible ...

contacts data-recovery  
asked by Sebastian 25 votes
answered by Izzy 20 votes

Phone stuck on "Sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device"

My Motorola Moto G3 was stolen yesterday (a man on a moped grabbed it from my hand). When I got home I changed my google account password and then went to Android Device Manager and requested that the ...

factory-reset google-account motorola-moto-g3  
asked by Andreyu 16 votes
answered by Khris Yao 2 votes

Where Android apps store data?

Could you list all possible directories where Android apps may store data, providing description what kind of data are stored in each directory?

applications file-system storage  
asked by mrpyo 99 votes
answered by Izzy 92 votes

How do I change my email address on Play Store as the one I have is no longer in use

The email address I have on Play Store is no longer verified and I wish to change to my current provider as I do not seem to be able to download apps

asked by Sheila 3 votes
answered by LoganR 2 votes

How to stop Wifi from automatically turning itself off?

So on occasion, my wifi automatically turns itself off for some strange reason. This happens on both my Lenovo ThinkPad and my Samsung Galaxy S5. Is there a way prevent this from happening?

asked by InquilineKea 8 votes
answered by locorecto 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Dalvik vm heap props resetting on reboot

I am running android 9 and I tried changing heapsize prop by the following command setprop dalvik.vm.heapsize 384m and then verifying by getprop | grep heapsize which returns 384m so it works. ...

9.0-pie dalvik dalvik-cache  
asked by Saikat Patra 1 vote

Where is info from /proc/dumchar_info used, on MediaTek devices?

There are plenty of instructions for changing partition layout on Android, including MediaTek devices, and they say I need to edit MBR, EBR and a ‘scatter file’ and to feed the latter to SP Flash or ...

partitions mediatek  
asked by aaa 1 vote

Add usb to ethernet support to tablet Teclast t20

i would like to allow my tablet Teclast T20 to connect to ETHERNET via USB. I already own a USB to ETHERNET ADAPTER, that i use succesfully with my windows 10 laptop. It is an ASIX AX88772 USB2.0 to ...

asked by user1972258 1 vote
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