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Top new questions this week:

Tried to ungoogle my android device, but accidentally removed a vital package, and neither it or google play store reinstalls through adb or apk's

I've got Coolpad Porto S, which is running Android 5.1. The apps I have been trying to reinstall were and (I don't have concrete evidence but after ...

adb system-apps webview  
asked by Miuzu 2 votes

Crash when installing application leading to weird "No such app found" entry in drawer and forced reboot

A few days ago I installed a app from an .apk file. Unfortunately, my phone decided to die during the installation process. Since then I have a weird entry in my drawer looking like this: If I click ...

lineageos crashes intents  
asked by Kippi 1 vote

Oem unlock failed- fastboot

What's the reason for oem unlock failed? I searched a lot, couldn't find an answer.

asked by Tanzin 1 vote

TWRP can't flash or boot

I flashed twrp using fastboot on my Xiaomi mi mix 3 and after that I used the command fastboot boot twrp.img but instead of twrp popping up it's the miui recovery

twrp fastboot xiaomi miui  
asked by Rvymond 1 vote

Rooting a phone that doesn't have stock rom download on the internet

I've posted here here earlier about me needing help to restore a system application that I uninstalled using adb. After trying for the entire day with no solution I've decided to download Bromite as ...

rooting stock-rom  
asked by Miuzu 1 vote

How to have a different input/output audio source

I have a one plus pro 8. It has excellent microphone (output) noise cancelling. I also have a Bose quiet comfort 35 II which has excellent noise (input) cancelling as well. My problem is they when I ...

audio bluetooth-audio audio-controls  
asked by abbood 1 vote

How to counteract USB Rubber Ducky (or other bad USB) on Android devices?

I've read somewhere that it's possible to use mouse and keyboard on Android devices. Because that's possible, it's also possible to use devices like USB Rubber Ducky to automate key presses to hack ...

security usb  
asked by SomeGuyAtStackExchange 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is Play Store showing "Can't install app...Error Code: 910"?

I am using Android Lollipop mobile. I have uninstalled preinstalled Youtube app updates. Now I tried to update the app from Play Store. It is giving the error "Can't install app" with error code 910. ...

google-play-store installation application-error  
asked by Sandeep Reddy K. 13 votes
answered by Thor Lancaster 3 votes

LG phone seemingly stuck on "Firmware Update"

This may or may not be off-topic; feel free to point me to a better place to ask this. My father brought home a cell phone he found in the woods, and I thought I'd charge it and turn it on to see if ...

charging device-firmware lg  
asked by vvye 8 votes

How to transfer files between BlueStacks and Windows PC?

I'm using BlueStacks App Player. Sometimes I need to transfer files between BlueStacks (SD card) from/to my Windows. I seem to find the file that stores the data in the SD card on <BLUESTACKS_DATA&...

sd-card windows file-transfer bluestacks  
asked by Andrew T. 20 votes
answered by Andrew T. 22 votes

Can't hear people unless switched to speakerphone on Galaxy S4

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and I cannot hear callers unless the speakerphone is on. The caller can hear me well but there is only a very faint which is inaudible sound back. I have gone to all the ...

audio samsung-galaxy-s-4 calls speakerphone  
asked by deb 1 vote
answered by ged towey 1 vote

Remove my Google account on other people's device

I once had to log in my Google account on my friend's phone and I forgot to delete my account on his phone. Is there any way for me to remotely delete my account on my friend's devices?

asked by Anonymous 15 votes
answered by matega 23 votes

How can I determine if my device has USB Host Mode (OTG) support?

Some Android devices can act as a USB host, so that you can use other USB devices attached to them. For instance, browse or import the photos stored on a camera from your phone, or copy files onto a ...

usb-host-mode usb-on-the-go  
asked by GAThrawn 54 votes
answered by GAThrawn 55 votes

What is the difference between GSM and WCDMA when switching to manual Network Mode?

I was reading this answer and I need to comprehend this better: What is the technical difference between "selecting GSM" and "selecting WCDMA" in Network Mode settings menu? To save battery life, I'm ...

settings cellular-radio mobile-network  
asked by Mehper C. Palavuzlar 12 votes
answered by GAThrawn 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Touchscreen gets disabled when I put the palm on screen

I wanted to ask specifically about palm rejection. Actually I wanted to write some notes on my new 'Android' tablet. I don't have an active stylus nor do I want to buy one. But I found that some apps ...

touchscreen stylus  
asked by Arnab Das 1 vote

Is it possible to feed sound from bluetooth source through phone to bluetooth headset?

We use 2 way radios for communication at work. It's often difficult to hear the radio over background noise, so I ordered a bluetooth adapter to plug into the radio to go to an earpiece so I can hear ...

asked by Ray Bailly 1 vote

Clear app default actions in Android 10

Mi App has silently taken over everything related to documents in my Gmail and printing in general in my phone. Whenever I do any action that is "an inch close to printing) then Mi App appears. ...

xiaomi android-10 default-applications android-one mi  
asked by trejder 1 vote
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