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Top new questions this week:

Why do apps stop supporting older Android versions after some time?

My mother had a shopping app on her old smartphone which runs Android v6. Recently I noticed that the app on her phone was no longer supported. I've seen such things happen on old phones generally ...

asked by Gizmosoft 8 votes
answered by Robert 14 votes

Possible to view history of apps LOOKED at on Google Play?

I was wondering, is it possible to view a history of apps I looked at on Google Play, but didn't necessarily download? I went down a lengthy rabbit hole of suggested apps and then my Play Store app ...

applications google-play-store history  
asked by Barrage 3 votes
answered by CFCBazar com 0 votes

Making a call Google Assistant by saying "Call Mom & Dad" shows "App is not installed."

I have an Android Head unit in my car running Android 8.1 It has Google Assistant and almost all of the voice commands I've tried work normally except for making calls with the command "call Mom ...

bluetooth calls google-assistant car  
asked by Sikorsky 3 votes

Get homescreen icons back to normal size

My dad's phone (google pixel 4a, latest android version) seems to have changed the size of the icons on the home screen while in his pocket. Is it somehow possible to get this back to normal? We have ...

home-screen google-pixel-4a  
asked by Max Mustermann 3 votes

What are the files in the phoneypot directory?

I am running LineageOS 17.1 Lavender. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the files located in the /phoneypot directory in my Android device?

file-system lineageos  
asked by gdesilva 2 votes
answered by gdesilva 0 votes

Why is suggested to OEM unlock when LinageOS can be installed without it

I have a "LENOVO Tab 2 A10-30" which got frozen after the update in the startup loop - did not start after displaying the Lenovo logo. I decided to reinstall it with the LineageOS, and for ...

adb fastboot installation lineageos  
asked by MiroJanosik 2 votes
answered by CFCBazar com -2 votes

Photos made this afternoon disappeared after I rebooted phone - how to recover them?

This morning, since the memory of the internal storage reached its limit, I moved all the pics in the Camera album to the SD card. In the afternoon, I took a couple of pics which if I remember ...

internal-storage sd-card photos reboot  
asked by InDesperateNeedOfHelp 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Remove my Google account on other people's device

I once had to log in my Google account on my friend's phone and I forgot to delete my account on his phone. Is there any way for me to remotely delete my account on my friend's devices?

asked by Anonymous 15 votes
answered by matega 23 votes

I've rooted my phone. Now what? What do I gain from rooting?

This is a common question by those who have just rooted their phones. What apps, ROMs, benefits, etc. do I get from rooting? What should I be doing now?

rooting root-access  
asked by Bryan Denny 311 votes
answered by Bryan Denny 269 votes

How to unlock Google Device Manager remote lock?

I have a rooted Samsung S4 mini with the latest stable CyanogenMod installed (cm- I was playing with the Google Device Manager ( and tried to ...

locked-out android-device-manager  
asked by Joudicek Jouda 9 votes
answered by Joudicek Jouda 8 votes

How to get the Enter (Return) key in Messaging (MMS) app - Jelly Bean

I have JellyBean 4.2 and my friend also has the same. I have been fond of using the "Enter" or "return" key while typing messages. I like paragraphs in messages. But I have a "Smiley" Button. My ...

keyboard 4.2-jelly-bean mms  
asked by Premshankar Tiwari 12 votes
answered by Premshankar Tiwari 4 votes

How to change the account for Android Market?

I use two Google accounts and add them to . Let's say acc1 and acc2. When I try to buy an app in the Market, it chooses acc1's Checkout account, and I don't see an option to change to acc2. Can I use ...

google-play-store google-account accounts  
asked by Fitri 32 votes
answered by P.T. 21 votes

How do you check if your phone has IR blaster?

I downloaded some apps from the Play Store for controlling my TV using my phone. One of the requirements for it to work is that your phone must have an IR blaster in it. How do I check if my phone has ...

hardware remote-control  
asked by r_allela 2 votes
answered by FiN 2 votes

How to stop Wifi from automatically turning itself off?

So on occasion, my wifi automatically turns itself off for some strange reason. This happens on both my Lenovo ThinkPad and my Samsung Galaxy S5. Is there a way prevent this from happening?

asked by InquilineKea 9 votes
answered by locorecto 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Home button reopens the app instead of showing the launcher

I am using a Samsung Galaxy A41 (Android 10, One UI 2.5) , and I am experiencing a strange behaviour: sometimes when I press the home button, instead of going to the launcher, the current app reopens ...

asked by dipanda 1 vote

Non-root user in rooted Android phone?

In my Arch Linux setup(and most others), the default user is non-root. Any admin work needs access to root account which is given temporarily with a password(generally using programs like sudo and ...

root-access lineageos 9.0-pie magisk device-administrator  
asked by linux_enthusiast 1 vote

What Is "Font Server"? And is it a virus?

I've been doing malware scans for my phone pretty often recently, along with browsing and searching up apps/ files on my internal storage. I found one called "Font Server" which has a blue ...

asked by BlankWall 1 vote
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