How do I use the Close votes queue?

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The Close votes queue includes questions that other users have flagged as needing to be closed. Before reviewing in this queue, you should be familiar with what sorts of questions should and should not be closed. To find that information, see the following two pages:

  • Closed question help article is a network-wide guide for the primary reasons questions should be closed. This generally happens when a question:

    • is a duplicate of an existing question on the site.

    • needs additional details or clarity to be answered.

    • needs to be more focused, as the existing question is too broad.

    • is an opinion-based question that doesn’t have an objectively correct answer.

  • On topic article is a site-specific guide to what types of questions are on and off topic on this site. This page will differ on each site on the Network.

Basic workflow

At the top of the review task page, you’ll find the reasons others flagged or voted the question to be closed, but if you disagree, you may choose a different option. The close reason that gets the most votes will be indicated on the post if it is closed. Review the question content completely and then make a decision from one of the options:

  • Close the question if it is a duplicate, lacks sufficient detail, needs to be narrowed in scope, is opinion based, is off topic, or if it meets one of the other community-specific reasons to close. Choose the applicable close reason based on your assessment. You also have the option to enter a custom reason if none of the existing ones apply.

  • Leave open if none of the above is the case.

  • Edit should be reserved for when the question is close-worthy as written, but when you believe you can rescue the question to make it fit the scope. This may mean adding in details the asker left in comments or making slight adjustments to an opinion-based question so that it's objective. Don’t make minor edits if the question would be closed even with these changes, as it will remove the question from review.

  • Skip any time you’re not certain - don’t be afraid to use the skip button! Focus on reviewing posts you’re certain of rather than ones you need to guess how to handle.

Tip: You may want to restrict which questions you are shown to subjects you are familiar with by filtering reviews by tags you have experience in. You can do this by clicking “Filter” in the top section of a review task. When in doubt, choose Skip.

Close votes filters

Note: If you choose two tags, you will find all reviews with one or both tags. Filters will not restrict to reviews with both tags only.

Some of the content of this page is adapted from information in our Meta Stack Exchange FAQ, which also contains more in-depth guidance if you are interested in reading more about this queue.