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Can't install Aptoide

I'm having this problem since I was trying to upgrade Aptoide from 6.5.X to 7.X.

I was trying to upgrade Aptoide from inside Aptoide: Installation failed.

I was trying to adb install or pm install it, got the same response:

So I removed the older Aptoide version and got the same response exactly except for several times where I got Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_URI].

I tried upgrading my CM version (My device is OnePlus One with the latest official COS12.1), didn't help, same response.

I checked the list of packages, there were no conflicts with the name in android:authorities in AndroidManifest.xml and there were also no special character in that file (I used apktool to decompile the apk and look at the files).

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but I don't want to mess with the package and there's nothing I know I can change in my phone's configuration that would fix that.

Any ideas?