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Bluetooth (Phone to PC)

Enable Bluetooth (BT) on both devices, tick the checkbox on phone to make it visible (Phone BT settings), pair phone to PC (PC BT Settings, add new device).
On Phone, View files in file explorer, if possible zip them, then share, send via bluetooth
On PC, run fsquirt, recieve files
On Phone, select your PC, and wait for the transfer to happen.
Tip: Laptops generally sit on their BT radios

Note: Bluetooth speeds vary depending on devices - a colleague's S10 transfers faster than my J7P

Google Drive (Phone to PC via Cloud)

This involves google drive or any other cloud storage provider as a middleman. Suitable if you have a Hi-Speed internet connection

Files By Google (Phone to Phone)

Note: This requires a second Android Phone, and assumes both came installed with Files (by google) - Mine did
On both phones, open Files, and go to Share
Follow the steps to setup your name and send files!

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