I'm looking to download "Android 5 Lollipop" for my Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505. I want the official "thing". My questions are...

  1. Where can I download this?
  2. Any methods of installation?
  3. Do I need to erase ALL data from my phone?
  4. Any other things i should know?

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Just wait. Watch the news. I have been now for a while, it appears to be getting released in some countries, but you will hear about it if you watch/listen.


Best option (only option so far as i know) is Root + safestrap.

Details: Samsung locked their bootloaders - Bootloader access is required to write new operating software (analogous to installing windows)

Safestrap is a way of isolating different Operrating software; and running it without unlocking.

So: If you want Lollipop You will have to Root your phone, install SafeStrap, and then acquire a LP Rom.

Google search term: Root Safestrap Galaxy S4 current version here PS: Always backup your data before starting this process. Your unsaved text messages will be lost.

  • Do you have any idea if samsung will release there version of lollipop out as a normal simple update?
    – PCmedia
    Feb 21, 2015 at 2:35
  • They will. Yes. But frankly - Samsung software is bad. Honestly; I fix them all the time and the software is garbage.
    – TardisGuy
    Mar 7, 2015 at 19:00

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