I have a very old Android tablet that I barely use.

It's a Zipy MID Fun (8GB) with 256MB RAM DDR2, an old Rockchip at 660MHz with a DPS 600MHz runnind Android 2.1. The wireless module is a very weak IEEE 802.11G module.

Since my other tablet broke (someone decided that it was a nice doormat), I decided to use this one as a 100% VNC client.

The problem is that this is SO SLOW it is almost unusable. Using 256 colors is the only way to use it somewhat properly.

The VNC Server is a Windows 8.1 computer, which is connected over cable.

What should I do to use this tablet as a decent VNC client?

(RDP is also fine, if it is possible with such an old tablet)

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Possible Solutions for Android 2.1 enabling VNC protocol are :

  • VNC Viewer
  • VNC Viewer for Android
  • Remote VNC Pro
  • Remote Ripple: Fast VNC Client
  • VNC Client Free
  • Remote VNC w/Ad
  • In-Hand VNC
  • Remote Ripple PRO (TightVNC)
  • vmwViewer
  • abtoVNC Viewer
  • VNC4Droid 1MA

Apps Enabling RDP protocol are :

  • Remote RDP
  • im Remote Desktop, RDP +

Note :- All the aforesaid apps are available on Google PlayStore. 1MA implies app available on 1mobile.com only. The answer has been overhauled on the basis of comments received.


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