I am using Moto G. downloaded a video through android app.I am able to play video through app. Where to tracethis video in phone memory and get this video for using in other devices

  • It would help if you mention the name of the app and whether or not it caches its data. – Vishnuvardhan Kumar Feb 25 '15 at 7:40

Find name of your app it will be like com.awesome.me After you know name of application Go to android/data/com.awesome.me/ This directory will be in your internal storage U might see a lot of files and folders with different extensions If its a video start looking for files with size of around 10 mb or more when you find it try to open with video player After you find ur video Change extension to video extensions Copy it to your folder of choice And enjoy

Sorry i am weak in English N try x-plore file manager Its easy to use Note:this is not advertising its just a suggestion/opinion

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