so im trying to unlock my galaxy s4 screen, using google device manager, or something similar (any suggestion ?). cuz my screen recently cracked a i wanna get backup from all my data and reset it before i change the screen entirely. but an app like "Kies" requires the screen to be unlocked in order to enable any file transfer! can anyone help me?

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    Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! This seems to be an XY problem. Instead of trying to get your supposed solution working, let's better work on the issue at hand. I've just added the broken-screen tag to your question, please start checking out its tag-wiki for first aid. Especially take a look at the "data recovery" section there. – Izzy Mar 2 '15 at 16:07

Unlocking the screen from outside is not possible. (without root privileges).

If you have a custom recovery installed then you can boot into it and make a backup via adb shell

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