Is anyone aware of a way to relay SMS messages back and forth to a PC/laptop? As in, so you could deal with texting on the computer and leave the phone sitting around wherever on the same LAN. Any target OS is fine.

I've searched myself for this but it turns out "SMS relay" refers to something slightly different.

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Android has no such native feature – but there are plenty of apps dealing with exactly this, see my collection to Send SMS remotely. The most famous candidates from that list are probably Pushbullet and MightyText.

If you want more, there are even apps to (almost) completely remote-control your Droid, see Manage your Android Device from your Computer. From this category, Airdroid is one of the favorites.

  • @goldilocks:Any target OS is fine, besides Airdroid as suggested by Izzy, you can try KDEconnect app but the functionality is limited to Android 4.4.x and KDE(Linux). Other than that Webkey app from F-Droid works well like Airdroid but requires Rooted Device.
    – Firelord
    Commented Mar 4, 2015 at 20:05

Look at mighty text. It let's you open a website on your computer and send/receive texts.


Google voice provides this capability along with many other useful features.


I use MySMS http://www.mysms.com/. It works very well.

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