I hadn't updated my software since 4.4.2 on my S5 and just updated it today. However, after updating to 4.4.4, my mobile data stopped working, I can still make calls and connect to WiFi, but mobile data does not work anymore. I even tried a factory restore but that did not help. Anyone ever experience this problem?

  • Check your APN settings and make sure they are correct. APN settings are dependant on your carrier, but you can look at this answer here as it will show you sort of what you need to set if your APN is not in the list. Mar 9, 2015 at 20:33

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try this :

full wipe with wipe cache,

remember ;

OTA Update not recomended.

easily, download last android version from SamMobile , then with odin flash it. check last firmware :



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