I want to find the installation date and time of the applications in my mobile. Where is it stored? In Ubuntu it can be found from the /var/log/dpkg.log. What about Android? I am using Android 4.1.2.


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There are several apps to use, but I like using App Detective.

It's easy, concise, and fully detailed. This will tell installation time plus a lot more.


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    stackoverflow.com/questions/7470314/… . stackoverflow.com/questions/11246326/… . stackoverflow.com/questions/10888768/… . These are added to comments, because it would make the answer off-topic according to scope of Android Enthusiast. I included these links because they are relevant and useful, but not for end-user.
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  • Thanks. App detective is the best. It was able to determine the date of installation of all apps even the apps installed prior to the installation of app detectives
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When every application is installed you get a Package_Added broadcast. You can save that instance of time and date when you receive the broadcast and store it locally and retrieve it. Hope this helps.

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    I think some sort of log files will be there ..right ? Commented Mar 10, 2015 at 2:25
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    I have never come across any Api to access these information. I have posted the solution as one of a probable solution.
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  • What method are you using for obtaining Package_Added broadcast? What steps are taken?......this way anybody reading this would be able follow along and duplicate the results. Thanks
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    You can add a receiver intent: "android.intent.action.PACKAGE_ADDED" in your manifest file and write a broadcast receiver for this receiver. Catch action "Intent.ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED" ij your receiver and fetch the application installed name by : intent.getData() . Save this as string in database and fetch date as well and save . This way you can get the application installed name and date. I have also a link to show how to create the broadcast for this in my github: github.com/kodered/Application-Monitor
    – Saurav
    Commented Mar 12, 2015 at 17:51

Changelog Droid is an app that catches the Package_Added broadcast and logs all installations and updates of packages. This only works for apps added/updated after it was installed.

You could also look at the creation times of the directories in .../sdcard0/Android/data - though not all apps appear to create a directory there, and I'm not sure if it's done at install time, or first run, etc.

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