I recently did whatever possible to run "Google Now" on my LG G2 LS980. I updated Google App, installed Google Now, fiddled with don't-remember-how-many settings.

I made it (but not as expected). But as a side effect, the Media Sync (MTP) is not working on the phone. Means, whenever I connect my phone to a PC / laptop, my phone doesn't show up in the Windows Explorer.

Just in case, the settings are as under : Settings > PC Connection > Select USB Connection Method > Media Sync (MTP)

My phone is a rooted one, running on Android 4.4.2 custom ROM.

Any help please.

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Uninstall LGE Mobile USB Composite Driver (don't forget tick Delete driver software). figure1 unistall driver

Plugin your LG Phone via USB then click "scan check for hardware changes" Then,,,enjoy ;)

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