I recently did whatever possible to run "Google Now" on my LG G2 LS980. I updated Google App, installed Google Now, fiddled with don't-remember-how-many settings.

I made it (but not as expected). But as a side effect, the Media Sync (MTP) is not working on the phone. Means, whenever I connect my phone to a PC / laptop, my phone doesn't show up in the Windows Explorer.

Just in case, the settings are as under : Settings > PC Connection > Select USB Connection Method > Media Sync (MTP)

My phone is a rooted one, running on Android 4.4.2 custom ROM.

Any help please.


Uninstall LGE Mobile USB Composite Driver (don't forget tick Delete driver software). figure1 unistall driver

Plugin your LG Phone via USB then click "scan check for hardware changes" Then,,,enjoy ;)

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