I am using CynogenMod CM11 R22 on Xiaomi Redmi 1S phone. I enabled multiple users using adb:

cd /system pm get-max-users setprop fw.max_users 3 echo "" >> build.prop echo "#" >> build.prop echo "# ADDING USER TO SETTINGS" >> build.prop echo "#" >> build.prop echo fw.max_users=3 >> build.prop echo "" >> build.prop echo "" >> build.prop echo "" >> build.prop echo "" >> build.prop

I can toggle between users using Power menu, but I want to show them on Lock screen. How can I do that?


Multiple user support was designed for tablets only in 4.4 KitKat, and therefore the user picker only appears in landscape mode. On CM11 for phones you will need to enable lockscreen rotation by adding a line lockscreen.rot_override=true to your build.prop file in the same manner as you did to enable multiple users:

echo "lockscreen.rot_override=true" >> build.prop

Reboot, rotate the phone to landscape mode, and you should see the user picker on the lockscreen.

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