My WiFi icon on the notification bar is displaying an exclamation point and triangles (up/down arrows?). When I try to use Google to find what they mean, there's no clear place documenting notification icons.

I eventually found the exclamation point - can't connect to Google services - but the triangles just aren't searchable.

Where can I find documentation regarding what those sometimes-cryptic notification icons mean?

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    Generally, notification icons can be modified by manufacturers and carriers. Even though they try to follow some standards (e.g. Wi-Fi icon looks similar everywhere,) they aren't required to do so. Bottom line - manufacturer's website is usually the best bet to find information on their particular notifications. – Chahk Mar 13 '15 at 19:14
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You can find a list material icons linked in Android Developers which is as official it can be.

But note that OEMs and carriers are free to add / modify their own icons so it's not possible to have all the icons listed on one site officially.

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