I was reading the reviews of the Google Now Launcher where they have stated that after installing the launcher the device has audio issues.

Google now launcher reviews with audio issues on some device.

I did not understand how can a launcher affect the hardware output of a device because as far as I understand the launcher only gives a pure vanilla experience.

Is there a possibility that a launcher like Google Now Launcher is not compatible with some devices? (Even thought it meets the requirements of the launcher)

  • It seems both apps mentioned in the review are related to audio input (Shazam can identify a music based from mic, and Skype is a VoIP app). I can only guess that it might be related to Google Now's "Always listening" feature. However, I didn't get that issue on Nexus 4/5, and without more info, it's kind of hard to know the real cause.
    – Andrew T.
    Mar 14, 2015 at 13:11

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The launcher can't modify device audio input itself.

There always is a possibility for something to not work even when it's marked as compatible (like HTC Explorer with Snapchat). It should work but it doesn't.

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