I'm experiencing this issue from couple of days :

enter image description here

I have already :

  • Disabled 2 step verification from Google Account
  • Factory Reset
  • Clear cache from recovery
  • Reflash the ROM
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    Haven't you tried to call Customer Care? – wbogacz Mar 14 '15 at 11:10

go to :


//need root access.of course you know this.

then, 2 ways for fix this availabe :

1.Rename this file " Hosts " to " # ".

need change Mount R/W to Mount R/O for edit Permission.

2.Block or Delete Block Url/Ip's in the Hosts File

Other Links :

How to edit etc/hosts file

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Can't add gmail, "Can't establish server connection." Please Help


Date and Time errors are most common cause which rejects the connections from Google Servers.

Go To:

  • Settings > Date and Time
  • Set the Automatic Date & Time (recommended).
  • Below, you can also set Date and Time manually.
  • Reboot the device for calibration of Date and Time.
  • Now, try to login to your Google account.

(Click image to enlarge)

IMG: Roaming

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