I run android apps using Bluestacks. I installed Clash of Clans android file and installed it and played it via Bluestacks. There is no problem playing the game. But when I want to sign in to my google account in clash of clans (Setting › sing in to google), this error appears:

"Google Play services which some of your applications rely on is not supported by your device. Please contact the manufacturer of your device".

Although I have Google Play Service installed on Bluestacks, this error appears again. Because I want to safeguard my progress in Clash of Clans, I must find a solution to this problem. I wanted to install Google Play Games, but the same error appeared. Please help me, what should I do?


you need Download Google Play Service Based on your Device DPI,

Supported DPI'S :

enter image description here

Also, you can Install CPU-Z Then, look at this section : for example, look at the Screen Density on below picture : enter image description here

as we can see on above picture, this picture have 560DPI.

and then, you need Google Play service For 560DPI.(for Example )

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